Bristol Palin Date Rape Drama Is Offensive to Real Rape Victims

bristol palin book not afraid of my life: my journey so farAfter appearing on Dancing With the Stars and continuing to run around the country preaching abstinence (as a 20-year-old mother to a 2-year-old no less), Bristol Palin's new book Not Afraid of My Life: My Journey So Far is clearly a cry for attention. But some people are concerned that it's a far too genuine cry for attention. Why else would she have written about losing her V-card to Levi Johnston in such negative terms?

Specifically, she says their first time having sex happened after she surrendered to the "woozy charms" of wine coolers and passed out drunk. Later, she found out she'd had sex for the first time, claiming that she felt she hadn't lost her virginity -- it had been "stolen." Dun dun daaahh. Cue the sirens. Sounds like a crime that isn't been called out as such until now, right?

Although I'm hesitant to label -- or in this case, not label -- another woman's sexual experience, I don't think it's right that we call what happened to Bristol "date rape" or "rape."


Why? Because her motives are questionable. It just seems too convenient that all of a sudden, in what appears to be a push for a few more minutes of fame and money, she's alluding to being raped by the father of her son. She's becoming a mini-queen of publicity stunts -- remind you of anyone else? -- and exaggerating or over-dramatizing what happened with Levi would be perfectly in line with the rest of her claims in the book. (Like how Meghan McCain is, like, so annoying!)

Furthermore, if it truly had been date rape, why did she wait until now to blow the whistle? Her mother was the Governor of Alaska. She could have made sure Levi's butt was kicked in court, or being that they were minors, maybe at least his wrist could have been slapped in another formal way.

But no. The guy who "stole her virginity" went on to become her baby daddy and then her FIANCE. Father of her child is one thing ... but she was going to marry this guy. Maybe just to keep up appearances, but whatever. This isn't 1962. Bristol Palin is not Joan Holloway. If a guy rapes you, or you even suspect that he raped you, you don't say "yes" when he pops the question.

In the end, it feels like an insult and an injustice to women who have truly suffered through rape to give what happened to Bristol the same name. What it sounds like to me is that she got drunk, had sex for the first time, felt ashamed because she didn't remember it, and a few years later, wants to make more of it to hold onto her flailing C-list celebrity status and smear her son's father at the same time. Let's not make more of it than it really is.

Do you think it's right to call what happened to Bristol "date rape"?


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