'Chlorophyll' & Mother's Love May Save Casey Anthony


The Casey Anthony trial took a surprising turn today when Anthony's mother Cindy Anthony said that one of the most compelling pieces of evidence against her daughter -- a Google search for "chloroform" -- was actually her doing. She claims she was doing a search on chlorophyll after her dog ingested some bamboo and that prompted her to look up chloroform.

The question: Is she telling the truth or would she do anything to save her daughter, including commit perjury?

It seems very different from the statements Cindy Anthony made originally and the very statements the prosecution hinged their case on. For instance, now she says the stain in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car was old, so old, in fact, that it was there when they bought the car in 2000. Prosecutors are saying the stain was caused by leaking fluid from Caylee’s decomposing body. Puts a pretty big crimp in that one, no?

In addition, prosecutors allege that Casey used chloroform to kill her daughter and the search was part of that evidence. Now what can they do?

I will say that as someone who was fairly convinced of Anthony's guilt at the beginning of this thing, this is starting to cast some doubts for me. If Cindy Anthony is telling the truth, then it would call the state's entire case into question. 

If she isn't, then that would be no big surprise. After all, who among us wouldn't do anything to save our child's life? Given that Casey is charged with capital murder, she could be doing just that.

Of anyone in this case, Cindy Anthony is by far the most sympathetic. She clearly felt the most for her little granddaughter, called 9-1-1 first, has cried the hardest on the stand, and even mouthed the words "I love you" to her daughter after her daughter claimed that her father had been abusing her for years.

But is she telling the truth? It seems doubtful. On cross, the prosecution laid into Anthony, pointing out that she was at work during those searches and that the Internet progression showed visits to MySpace, on which Casey was very active.

The irony of all this is that Cindy Anthony seems willing to do anything, including possibly lie, to save her daughter, while Casey Anthony, if found guilty, would have been willing to do anything to get rid of hers.

This case is compelling because of the human elements, because this family is so dysfunctional and yet hard to stop watching. It's an unimaginable, senseless tragedy for everyone, but perhaps no one so much as Cindy Anthony.

Do you think she was lying?




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nonmember avatar RWF

Cindy Anthony definitely tried to throw the case in the defense's favor today. I can't for sure pinpoint how Casey was involved in her daughter's death, but I know she is not innocent and I honestly feel today's testimony will set her free and she will continue living the life she was living before.

nonmember avatar Shelly

I think it's VERY obvious, that the lady is commiting perjury...and has lied this whole time. I actually think her mom's testimony is damaging, and not helpful.

nonmember avatar E Daisy

Yes, she is lying. She has testified previously about much of this topic, and she contradicts herself. Cindy lies constantly. She is almost as unable to control the lying as her daughter. You know Cindy is lying when she tries to explain her answer. The style of piling on details is similar to what her daughter does. Cindy cannot answer very much, very simply. She cannot answer in a straight manner any question that demands accountability. Verbally she is very weaselly.

nonmember avatar Archuleta

I read somewhere that George and she agreed to testify under the condition of immunity. Does that immunity cover perjury?? I felt bad for Casey's parents but I just don't understand why they keep throwing themselves under the bus for her!!

Toni Taragowski

I once new someone who could lie just as good , kind of reminds me of her

Randy Bauman

It is unimaginable that anyone could have hurt that sweet child; however, I must admit that I would say or do anything to protect someone who I loved - like my child, a parent or significant other - no matter what. I know it's not right, but just how I feel - I understand Cindy's torment and realize that in her heart she will feel damned no matter how this plays out. The entire family deserves nothing but pity.

nonmember avatar Ms. Wu

I feel she's not lieing but as was sad anyone who love their child truly would do whatever to protect them. It's a shame that the baby passed as she did but what's held in the dark will come to light. I wont really state my opinion bc it's not up to me God will judge on judgement day so I wont point a finger but pray everything works for the good.

Sarah Dickerson

Maybe the dog swallowed bamboo and could have swallowed chlorine tablets. What if the baby did too? It could have killed her. Maybe the mother was looking for them and could not find them. Maybe the baby ate them because, those two may have been anorexic. Maybe she thought chlorine was the same thing. People do not know. They are not chemists.

nonmember avatar Brianna

Did they ever figure out who Kaylee's dad was? Is it Casey's father? She claims he abused her, did she claim sexual abuse? There's still too many what ifs. She'll probably get off because there is enough reasonable doubt.

Layne Penrod

She may get off of 1st degree murder, but she is responsible for the welfare of that poor child and she was neglagent at the very least. She will serve time. Cindy should come to grips with that fact,and stop trying to make matters worse by lying through her teeth to save a daughter who took her grand daughter away from her. PERIOD!!

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