7-Year-Old Boy Drives Car 20 Miles to Visit Dad

boy car chaseI wish someone had been there to get a close-up of the Michigan police officer who chased an erratically driven car for 20 miles only to find that a barefoot 7-year-old boy in pajamas was behind the wheel. Can you imagine? I wouldn't have known whether to laugh or cry. But the details of the story do get me a little choked up: The boy "stole" his stepdad's car and took off because he wanted to go and see his biological father. Awwww. Barefoot and in pajamas, no less! This was definitely not a pre-meditated act. If you're imagining what I'm imagining, the scenario in your head plays something like this: "I hate you! I don't have to listen to you, you're not my real dad!" Boy runs out of room, grabs car keys, and sneaks out the back door.


I'm not implying that the boy's stepdad is a bad guy or anything; I don't know the man. But as a divorced mom, this story does make me grateful for the fact that my kids have a great relationship with their dad and see him every week, whenever they want. Of course, they don't have a stepdad, and even if they did, I'd probably tell him to take a hike if he did anything to make my kid want to run away. (Perhaps this is why they don't have a stepdad? Hmmm.)

In any case, the back story here has little to do with what I consider to be the most shocking part of the story: That a 7-year-old was savvy enough to drive a car for 20 miles all by himself. How did he even reach the gas pedal? I'm impressed (not that I should be, but I am). By the time I got my license, I was still having trouble backing out of the driveway without scraping against the side of our house, so this kid sounds seriously advanced.

Really, his driving wasn't that bad, either! Check out the video:


Image via newsnet5.com

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