Bristol Palin Will Always Be Jealous of Meghan McCain for This

meghan mccainDespite being a 20-year-old mother to a toddler, Bristol Palin seems to have a lot of time on her hands to complain about other people. Especially people who are her contemporaries ... like Senator John McCain's 26-year-old daughter, Meghan McCain. In her new memoir, Not Afraid of My Life: My Journey So Far, Bristol boohoos that when the two prominent political daughters first met, McCain "ignored" her, and Bristol developed "a sneaking suspicion she might need to watch her back." She had also never seen "people with so much Louis Vuitton luggage, so many cellphones, and so many constant helpers to do hair and makeup." (That's called being a politician's daughter -- hell-oh!)

And every time she saw Meghan, the senator's daughter "seemed to be constantly checking" the Palins out, comparing the two families and complaining.


Maybe what Bristol didn't understand -- you know, having lived only 18 years up in Alaska -- is that Meghan was probably just looking out for her pop's, and her family's, best interest. But whatever, that's water under the dam anyway.

The real issue here is that Bristol even felt the need to bash Meghan in her book. What's that all about, huh? Sounds like maybe Bristol's jealous, because Meghan is smarter than she is.

She's not annoyed with Meghan McCain, she's intimidated by her. John and Cindy's daughter is everything a kid growing up in the political spotlight should hope to become -- intelligent, outspoken, involved, etc. Of course, I'm a Meghan McCain fan, because she's socially liberal, but I also respect and admire her ability to put her views out there, to disagree with her politician papa when she must (like on gay marriage). She also manages to be assertive while coming across with tact and diplomacy. I love that.

Sure, they're two different young women from totally different backgrounds, but Bristol could really serve to learn a thing or two from Meghan, instead of jumping to conclusions and drudging up some catty memories from three-plus years ago.

One thing's desperately clear: Meghan McCain has the goods to become someone influential, not just someone clinging to their 15 minutes of fame. Bristol, on the other hand, well ... I guess she must feel like she has nothing but her minor celebrity status -- including tabloid-ready snipes -- to fall back on.

What do you think: Team Bristol or Team Meghan?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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