Bristol Palin Can't Back Up Bold Accusations Against Levi


There are lines that are simply not supposed to be crossed, and in Bristol Palin's new memoir due out this Friday, she crosses one. Apparently she accuses Levi Johnston not just of taking her virginity, but of doing so when she was so drunk that she was unable to remember the encounter the next morning. In layman's terms: She accuses him -- almost -- of date rape.

She doesn't out and call it that, but her take on the evening's events certainly dance around it. In her biography, which was ghost-written by Nancy French and called Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, she explains that she lost her virginity on a camping trip and, after drinking far too many wine coolers, she woke up alone in her tent the next morning not remembering anything and hearing Johnston talking with his friends just outside the tent.

It may be true. Sadly, it seems 70 percent of the women I know lost their virginity in similar ways, but it still is a very passive way of accusing him of date rape and removing the blame from herself.

There is a very fine line between drunken sex and date rape, and not remembering anything of the encounter crosses it. If she is telling the truth, then why now? If she isn't, then she has made a very serious accusation that will have lasting repercussions.

I am no fan of Levi Johnston, but I am fairly certain he wouldn't like to be branded a rapist his whole life -- without saying it, certainly she is saying it. If she is completely innocent, a woman too drunk to resist and too hungover to remember, what does that make him? At the very least he took advantage of her, and at worst, she is accusing him of raping her without saying it.

It's wrong. It's wrong because she knows people will have this discussion and she also knows it was her fault, too. Drunk or sober, she was in a tent, alone with her teenage, hormonal boyfriend, and clearly didn't say no (or at least she doesn't say she did). That isn't date rape. But it walks a line. And it isn't fair.

It isn't fair to the girls who really have been date raped and are told they were asking for it. It isn't fair to the man she is accusing who has no way to defend himself against her near-allegations. And most of all it isn't fair to herself. Own up to what you did, sister, please. For the love of G-d. You are no innocent flower.

Let us recall that this horrible man who took advantage of Bristol, stole her virginity, and ruined her life was also the man we were introduced to as her "fiance." He was paraded around like an Eagle Scout, and I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it. Which is it?

To accuse him of something this serious is unconscionable. The Palin women may like to play innocent, but they actually play very, very dirty, indeed.

Do you find this to be wrong?


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jonellg jonellg

If she doesn't remember then she doesn't know what happened. Being drunk doesn't mean you can't say yes, yes, YES! I'm sure he was drunk too, maybe nothing happened...

starl... starlight1968

she didn't SAY it was date rape, it's just the conclusion you came to....

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Wow... just another way for you to find fault. In no way did she claim rape, it was just how it was. You said yourself, it isn't uncommon- and she said they both were drinking and thus, inhibitions were lowered. Regrettable? Sure, but I think you're reading WAY too much into this- and along this line of thought, no one would ever be able to tell their story just in case they might 'upset' a rape victim.

nonmember avatar bellagrazi

Who said anything about rape? Bristol was just being honest about her first sexual encounter with Levi. The guy is a d-bag. Don't defend him.

bella... bellagrazi

Who said anything about rape? Bristol was just being honest about her first sexual encounter with Levi. The guy is a d-bag. Don't defend him.

meatb... meatball77

If she was raped then it WAS NOT HER FAULT even if she was drunk and got naked with him in a tent.  And if she was so drunk she didn't remember it then it was rape, if you are that drunk you can not consent to sex.

However if she was drunk but not to the point of blacking out or passing out (and it's REALLY difficult to get that way on wine coolers) then it was not rape. 

Date rape is almost impossible to prove so the accusations won't be able to be proven either way and some of her accounts conflict and she also conflicts things that Levi has said earlier (levi told Tyra that they didn't use condoms all the time) unless she clarifies.

Kitty King

IF she was blacked out on whine coolers how does she even know it was Levi "the gnat" as she calls Tripp's father. How typical it is that the Palin women resort to name-calling…especially MEN. How long will it be before Bristol refers to Levi as "impotent" or implying that he has no "cajones"? What kind of examples for any age of females are they? In Sarah's emails she complains about Jewish Republican Rep. Ramras by vulgarly calling him names like "Vajayjay" and "Jay Bird-Nose Ramras", and then goes on with her usual derogatory sexual undertone to suggest to keep her teenage daughters "away from the likes of Jay" and "Maybe Jay's missing his little lady and feels frustrated lately. I'll have to keep him away from Bristol". How many times has Sarah insinuated that someone who criticizes or just doesn't like her is yet another sexual predator? This woman who thinks she should be the most powerful person in the world with her crude, hostile, bilous, anti-semitic mean girl language has some serious mental problems and needs a full psychological evaluation. Bristol if you keep on this way you will need one too. Not to mention that one day your baby will grow up and read your trashy book about the life story of your choochie all for the purpose of slamming his father "the gnat" - against court orders.

cmari... cmarie452

For pete's sake, she was describing how she lost her virginity, not accusing anyone of rape.  Calm down.  Besides, if she was too drunk to consent, it was sex without consent, which *drumroll* is rape.  Sex without consent is rape.

nonmember avatar Eggbert

If she was drunk, how does she know she had sex with levi at all? if she had sex, it could have been with any of the guys she apparently went on an overnight camping trip with. How do we know she didn't get HIM drunk and have sex with him without HIS consent?

nonmember avatar Marybelle

Bristol said she thought she'd wake up in Levi's arms=but she supposedly didn't know what she was doing which is contradictory. Why did Bristol think the whole world needed to know how she lost her virginity? We all knew it without having to learn the details. If it was date rape, then the Palin's had legal avenues they could have pursued. To try to brand Levi a date rapist this late makes some of think this is just another victimhood tactic and a way to make money. I don't think Levi will come out looking as bad as Bristol when the actual story is learned.

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