Critics of Toddlers Pole Dancing Are Such a Buzzkill


stripper poleA pole dancing class for toddlers offered at a dance studio in England is being attacked by critics who say it's "promoting sexually precocious behavior" in young kids. But I don't get what everyone is so worked up about. Isn't climbing up and down and around a stripper pole just another form of exercise? And  aren't we being told every day to make sure our kids exercise so they can be healthy?

It sounds to me like maybe these whiny, fun-hating complainers need to get their head out of the gutter.

When it comes to pole dancing, I tend to agree with the dance studio, which defends its toddler pole dancing class thusly:

... a great way to help your children to use their bodies, move, balance and be free in a fun environment.

I also found this completely innocent description of the activity (direct from Wikipedia): "This form of exercise increases core and general body strength by using the body itself as resistance, while toning the body as a whole." And, stripper professionals are even trying to make pole dancing an Olympic sport. Are you going to tell me that we're trying to prevent children as young as 3 from participating in a "sport"?

At the end of the day -- regardless of the fact that pole dancing has, first and foremost, sexual connotations -- it's just a pole. And for the people who insist on eroticizing it and describing the toddlers pole dancing class as little girls "sliding down the pole with their legs open in a V-shape" -- well, they just sound like sickos to me. If we let them have their way, the next thing you know they'll ban the hula hoop for being "too sexy."

Do you think toddlers sliding down a stripper pole is totally innocent?

*This post was written in a satirical spirit.

Image via brh_images/Flickr

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Amy L. Keyishian

god the pictures on that site make me want to hurl. that's so sad.

Addys... Addys_Mom

I think it would depend on the moves. Anything where the pelvis is thrust against a pole and the head thrown back or similar... hell to the no! But if they were cleaner moves that weren't suggestive (which is possible, i have seen it) then i might consider it. but probably not.

lagne lagne

I agree with Amy; those photos are heartbreaking.

According to the article, the same class is marketed to adult women as "sexy." Yet the person facilitating these classes defends them by saying, "There's nothing sexual about it."

Mm hmm. When I ever meet a big, burly construction-working man who takes up pole-dancing for the "core-strengthening benefits" it provides, and has no qualms about inviting his buddies to join, maybe I'll think about reconsidering my opinion. As of today, there are no words for how much this makes me want to vomit directly on that horrible woman's shirt.

Peoples' lack of judgment sometimes absolutely baffles me.

Tabzt... Tabzthemommy

Okay, it could be innocent if it was a mother daughter exercise class and it wasn't all about the pole. I do know it IS great exercise but there are erotic tendencies to it.  I guess it would depend on how they're doing it, who is teaching the class, what they are wearing, what they are listening too and if it's all about the pole. Would my daughter go? No. Do I think it could help some kids lose weight? yes. idk. It doesn't have to be about sex.. we all slid down the fire man pole at the fire house. No one thought.. "OMG that was sexy" It depends on the moves..

Pippa Polenastics

To elaborate on a direct quote from Lagne:

"Mm hmm. When I ever meet a big, burly construction-working man who takes up pole-dancing for the "core-strengthening benefits" it provides, and has no qualms about inviting his buddies to join, maybe I'll think about reconsidering my opinion"

Well Lagne, you best get changing your opinion, as we already teach men. LOTS of men! Check this '' for an example of a strong BURLEY man with great ‘core-strength’ on a pole, and see if you still wanna chuck up on someone.

Back to Carly teaching kids pole fitness, is the main ‘bad’ issue based upon the fact that that the pole the kids are being taught to lift and hold themselves on is ‘VERTICAL’ rather than ‘HORIZONTAL’ that makes you sick?

If it is then thats rather weird! If people are happy for kids to play on a bar that goes 'longways' (like in gymnastics) and NOT on a bar that goes 'upways' (like polenastics) then maybe some people just suffer fin rom VERTIGO and not narrow mindedness? Perhaps?!

Must dash... off to teach people to lift their body weight, spin and hang upside down from a VERTICAL pole. toodles...

Gilly Osborne Was Pendergrast

Not only is it big burly men but I took my son, who is 9, to this very class with his sister when it first started. He found it very difficult - it is - but loved the climbing and spinning. Nothing remotely sexy in it at all. In fact when u go to childrens play grounds and there is a firemans pole there, what do they all want to do?? Spin round on it! Unfortunately we had to stop going as Carly changed the day and it clashed with other after school stuff (children r so busy nowadays!), but if I could I would take them back, and they would want to go. Carly is one of the warmest human beings I have met and being in one of her classes is inspirational and thought provoking. She asked all the children one week to go away and see how many people they could say thank you to and then come back the next week and tell the rest of the class what happened. Brilliant! Tell me another exercise class where the teacher has that sort of conversation with you? I do feel sad about all the negative comments, especially those personally directed to Carly, I think that maybe people should realise that children have NO preconceived ideas about this, they just join in and have fun cos thats what it is.

SicTr... SicTransitGlori

Those first pictures don't look innocent to me! My daughter would not be attending.

xoRay... xoRaychlXo

the words stripper pole and toddler, should not go together. ever.

Pippa Polenastics

xoRaychlXo I totally agree with you. Those words should NOT be associated ever. And yet in the original article the writer chose to associate them. They are certainly not associated in the Little Spinners classes.

SicTransitGlori the pictures were taken secretly with a hidden camera to PROOVE a point that the classes were sexualised by someone who was writing an article ABOUT the classes being sexualised before they even attended the class in the first place. This photographer was sent with their hidden camera with the instructions to make this article inflammatory.

Its the article writers and the photographer, and not the subject matter who are to blame for the pictures not looking 'innocent' .

But think for a second, lots of people see these pictures and these classes as being TOTALLY innocent. 

I would suggest that how the pictures are viewed is more to do with what is in the heart of the viewer and NOT whats in the pictures!

Beths... Bethsunshine

Absolutely disgusting and wrong!!

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