Courthouse Builds Stairway to Pervert Heaven

Glass Stairs
Apple Store Glass Stairs
You would think someone would have figured it out before the whole thing was completed, but alas no one knew just what a hazard a new glass staircase constructed in the middle of an Ohio courthouse would be. Though stunning, the set of stairs that seemed to almost "float up from the ground" in the newly constructed $105 million Franklin County Common Pleas Courthouse also provided a very inappropriate view for those below when women in skirts went up and down.

Basically, anyone standing below the stairs is in a prime crotch shot-watching position. Bad enough anywhere, but even more so in a courthouse -- the place where all sorts of sexual predators and offenders are called. Brilliant!


Even more brilliant has been the response of building officials. According to the Columbus Dispatch, security guards were told to "keep an eye out for people craning their necks." So listen up perverts, if you want a peek, you better be stealth about it.

Seriously, you'd think they'd take immediate action even if it meant taping up some cardboard until the problem was fixed, but eh, it's just women (and perhaps a few men in kilts) affected, and they certainly don't want to affect the "artistic integrity of the building." They can take the elevator.

Fortunately it's not ALL glass staircases that provide this particular view. In fact, there are plenty popping up around the country -- modeled after the one in some of Apple's stores -- but most designers are smart enough to stop the skirt issue with various design techniques. Apparently not those involved in this project.

One female judge has taken to warning women, telling them to take the elevator. Judge Julie M. Lynch told 10TV News there's also great potential for lawsuits as pictures could be taken and spread on the Internet. "How can you open a brand new building and not take in consideration half the population?" 


If it wasn't so awful, it would be laughable. Okay, it's totally laughable ... unless you're a woman working in that building and don't want to take the elevator, or an Ohio taxpayer who's going to be footing the tab to fix this major mistake.

What do you think of this big, huge architectural faux pas?

Image via El Negro Vikingo/Flickr

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