Man Uses Billboard Ad to Accuse Ex-Girlfriend of Abortion

abortion billboardIf you think your last breakup was bad, be thankful you never dated Greg Fultz. Fultz, aside from being the 2011 recipient of the Douchebag of the Year award, recently took out a billboard in New Mexico letting the world know that his ex-girlfriend had an abortion. Classy. The totally un-creepy billboard, which sat on the main-est of thoroughfares, featured Fultz holding the outline of an infant, along with the text:

This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!

Oh. My. God ...


The woman, who claims she had a miscarriage (whether she did or not, who the hell cares?), took Fultz to court and, thankfully, the judge ordered the billboard be taken down. Fultz and his attorney are fighting the order. Because, you know, putting a giant offensive sign up isn't enough. You want to let it sit there nice and long.

Whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, I think we can all agree on one thing: Greg Fultz is a colossal a**hole. Anybody who would air another person's dirty laundry like this has serious problems. Writing nasty things about another person on your blog is one (albeit unkind) thing, taking out a billboard to detail one of the most private things about a person is on a whole new level of low. If you want to talk about fathers' rights, have at it, Greg; but leave your ex's -- who you're clearly still in love with -- body out of it.

I'd imagine having an abortion -- or a miscarriage -- is one of the most painful -- and private -- things a woman could ever go through. Now her co-workers, family, and friends all know her business, thanks to her ex. And the pain of it all is only being dragged out by having to go to court.

I don't know how you can go to sleep at night, Greg Fultz. But what's an even bigger mystery is that anyone ever dated you.

What do you think of Greg Fultz? What was the worst thing an ex ever did to you?


Image via Seansie/Flickr

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