TSA Caught Groping Mom, But Is It a Hoax? (VIDEOS)


TSA molestsThe story of a mom allegedly groped by a TSA agent in a Phoenix airport has all the markers of a really great tale. Moms are ALWAYS heroes. And this one was actually crying, which just makes you want to go kick that mean TSA agent in the shins, doesn't it? Bringing you to the other half of the equation. Every good story needs a villain, and what does America hate more than the TSA? Anything? Nothing?

OK. So good story. Except maybe it's just that. A story. A made up, fabricated story. Confused? The viral video of the crying mom itself is real alright. It's been making the rounds of the Internet since Ryan, a man who goes by the name rynomaz111, uploaded it to YouTube over the holiday weekend.

You get to see his mom crying as she demands someone bring in a cop to help her after she was allegedly molested by a TSA agent. You get to see Ryan escorted away by agents who say he can't film in the Sky Harbor International Airport.

But here's where things get interesting. Right around 3:33, a member of airport staff can be heard noting that this is "the second time this family has done this." Take a listen:

Poke around on rynomaz111's YouTube account, and she's right. Back in January, Ryan and his family did something very similar. Filming at the same airport, Ryan's first response to being told that he had to turn off the camera was "you're going on YouTube." That was right around New Year, when the TSA issues were at their most heated with holiday travel at its peak:

I don't blame the kid or his parents for trying. With an upcoming flight planned, the one thing I'm most nervous about is the so-called "groping" that TSA agents have been accused of by countless Americans. People have to speak up when it happens. But one video stands alone. Two videos, coupled with the kid's wording, makes it suddenly suspicious.

I can say that if I was just sexually assaulted and my son was standing there taping it, if he put it out there on the Internet, I would become more hysterical. But everyone responds differently to trauma, don't they? So it is feasible. Then again, there's that flip side. That this family has obviously got a vendetta against the TSA. That they come to the airport, cameras in hand, itching for a fight. They might have good intentions but bad follow through. Or good intentions and really bad luck! Or they might have bad intentions, period.

Is this a guy trying to expose problems with the TSA, to help his mom who was supposedly just sexually assaulted? Or is this a family that is working to get its 15 minutes of fame? I can't say for sure.

So what do you think? Are you suspicious? Could this be a hoax?


Image via YouTube

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nonmember avatar Bob

What a smear. Stand up for your rights twice, and you're an attention seeker? Boo. If I had the time and resources and nothing to lose, I'd to stuff like that every day.

nonmember avatar SJB

You know what's not a hoax? That the TSA will reach inside your pants if you don't agree to be subjected to a large dose of radiation...

So, they reached in her pants, and it's a "hoax" that people react badly to that... or so a complete idiot would think.

lovin... lovinangels

She sounds like she's acting, but I agree with standing up for rights...

freep... freeppl72

I'm so sick of hearing about how atrocious the TSA is! If you don't want to be pat down then either 1. don't fly or 2. go through the scanner. I just went on my honeymoon thinking it was going to be the most awful thing ever from all the videos and uproar people have made and it was completely fine. I obviously agree that children should have some type of different procedure but I'd rather the TSA do their job and be safe than have another terrorist incident which all of you people would surely blame on the TSA for not cracking down on searches.

nonmember avatar mike

i agree,.. what a smear job.. when can we have real security and not digital strip searches and government required groping..

i sincerely hope they sue.. i'm not a litigious person.. but this is what our courts are for.. to tell our government when things have gone too far.

the3Rs the3Rs

This is so stupid - and obviously staged. I fly a LOT. I just flew internationally this week. I was selected for a random search (as I have been many times before) and this shit DOESN'T happen...nor have I ever seen it happen to anyone at all at the many, many airports I've been through...

Memph... MemphisSuzi

How ridiculous!  You can tell she is acting.  And if I was, in fact, molested, I wouldnt want it on You Tube -- they are so in it for what they can get out of it.  I am a frequent flyer and have been searched, have seen people searched, etc.  Why in the heck do people make such a big deal out of it is beyond me!  Flying is a priviledge -- you dont like the cost - DRIVE.  :)

nonmember avatar Sara

Hoax. Totally acting and provoking the agents who are just trying to do their job.

nonmember avatar R Spicey

@Bob; First time it supposedly happened, shame on them (TSA). Second time it happens shame on her for subjugating herself to the "molestation".

If you don't want to be groped, take a goddamn bus. Simple as that. The is an attention seeking ploy.

nonmember avatar Bob Dobbs

I don't care if it is a hoax (though I don't believe it is). It still serves to highlight the illegal groping that DOES occur daily at the hands of ett tyrants in the TSA. We have a right to travel unmolested and more people need to start screaming.

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