'50 State Stereotypes' Exist Because They're True (VIDEO)

paul juryPaul Jury graduated Northwestern University and then went on a mega-roadtrip all over the country, during which he visited 48 states. He ended up writing a book about it called States of Confusion: My 19,000-Mile Detour to Find Direction, and then making a promo video that's gone viral called "50 State Stereotypes in Two Minutes." Turns out, when you do something like attempt to visit almost every single state in the U.S. of A., you learn a lot about yourself and a lot about the country! But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Meaning states' most embarrassing, silliest, or cringe-worthiest stereotypes probably exist for a reason. Just sayin'!


As someone who was born in the Midwest (Chicago), went to college on the east coast (Boston), lived briefly on the west coast (L.A.), has parents now living in the Sunshine State (Fort Lauderdale), and currently lives in the rudest, dirtiest, most self-absorbed east coast city-adjacent area (NJ), I have to say I'm on the same page as Jury.

For instance, he says California is "Gay Mexican boob job computer hippies that really want to direct..." OMG. So true. Except, they really want to act also, or edit, or write. But mostly have their Twitter handle be, like, a household name. As for my home state, Illinois? "Look! A non-corrupt politician, for once, so far." Yep, it's not the Windy City because it's all that windy. It's actually about the politicians. Sigh. Oh, but my fave by FAR! New Jersey - "GTL (Guidos, turnpikes, and leeching off New York)." I strongly believe I'm not a traitor to the state where I currently reside just because I think that's HILARIOUS! (I know GTL is a reference to Jersey Shore's Gym Tan Laundry, but there should also be some kind of reference to Malls.)

Come on, we all have to laugh at our states' most ridiculous traits sometimes. It's the same thing as being able to laugh at yourself. Can't take everything so seriously, you know? It doesn't make life very fun.

Check out the video for yourself ...

What do you think about the stereotypes in this video? True, false, funny, annoying?


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