Victim of Anthony Weiner Scandal Isn't Who You Think

Anthony WeinerI don't know about you, but I've heard enough about Representative Anthony Weiner (Democrat, New York) by now. I like the guy. I really do. I have even wished the gay rights promoting, lady rights lovin' congressman would move upstate and become my own. But can we put the sympathy for this weekend's Twitter scandal where it really belongs?

Her name is Genette Cordova, people. And I, for one, would like to go give her a hug. Haven't heard of her? She's the innocent journalism student who is the real victim in the so-called Anthony Weiner scandal.


 TEver since a picture of a man's, erm, "member" was tweeted "at" Cordova from Weiner's hacked Twitter account, it's Cordova's name who has been dragged through the mud, as she's been accused of having an affair with the Congressman. She's been accused of perpetrating the hack herself -- ostensibly "for the fame." And of course, as all Internet rumors go, the scandal has ratched up wildly. She's gone from being linked to a lowly Congressman to President Barack Obama himself. Hey, if you're going to go big . . .

Of course, you could say that Anthony Weiner is being victimized here. He's a happily married man whose Twitter account has been hacked, and people are saying he's having an affair. Yuppers. He is, by all accounts, one super human being with a great sense of humor and a bulldog's sense of doing what's right for his constituents.

But he's a Congressman. He puts himself out there. He didn't deserve to be hacked or have people make false accusations, but he has what's called a public persona. If he can't take the heat, he needs to get out of the kitchen.

Genette Cordova, on the other hand, is an innocent 21-year-old student. She didn't put herself out there. She's a private citizen. She shouldn't have to take herself out of a scandal she never put herself into.

So let's stop the pity party for Anthony Weiner. We can love the guy, but he can take care of himself. Genette Cordova could use our help now.

Who do you feel bad for in this whole mess? Anyone? Weiner? Cordova?


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