Gay Boys Shouldn't Be Prom Queens

tiaraJake Boyer, an openly gay senior at a Virginia high school, was recently crowned Prom Queen. Um ... yay? Boyer seems genuinely happy to have received such an honor, so congratulations, dude. But what I'm wondering is -- why wasn't he just crowned Prom King? Just because he's gay, it doesn't make him a ... queen.

Perhaps It's because of Glee, but there seems to be a rash of male Prom Queens lately. Don't get me wrong -- I think it's great, fantastic! -- that students are becoming more accepting. But rewarding a guy with a woman's title (I say "woman's" because there is the male version of the exact same title) -- especially when that title has the word "queen" in it -- seems a little bit more like making fun than being supportive.


Before Jake Boyer, there was Christian Nelson, who was crowned Prom Queen at his high school. (His boyfriend, Caleb Jett was actually crowned King, but as Caleb himself says, it was basically just because Christian was up for Queen. They're a very cute couple, I might add.) And pre-Kurt Prom Queen Glee, if you can even believe there was a time, there was Sergio Garcia, who earned the title at his Los Angeles high school.

All of these kids seem happy winning the title, so more power to them, but I just really hope there aren't any students out there who voted for them because they thought it would be funny. And like I said, why not just vote for them for Prom Kings? I mean, just because a man is gay, it doesn't mean he's a woman. If everyone is so accepting, why go with Queen?

The only situation where this makes sense to me is with Andrew Viveros. Viveros, who was crowned Queen at his Florida high school, is transgender. So he considered a woman. To me, at least. Viveros wore a gown, got a manicure, and looks all around radiant in her tiara. She is exactly what a Prom Queen should be.

Back to the others, though. I still don't see why they just weren't crowned regular ol' King. I mean, the King is for the boys and the Queen is for the girls, right? Sexual orientation has nothing -- or shouldn't have anything -- to do with it. Or maybe we should just get rid of the whole King/Queen separation at proms and just have, like, I dunno, Prom Leaders or something?

Ooh, or how about this? This is an even better idea! Why don't we just do away with the whole stupid crowning thing altogether? Because even though we're making strides with the gay community in this department, there will always be students who feel totally left out.

What do you think of male Prom Queens?


Image via Robynlou8/Flickr

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