Bangladesh Woman Gets Ultimate Revenge on Her Rapist


A woman in Bangladesh took the law into her own hands when she cut off her neighbor's penis and brought it to the police station after he allegedly tried to rape her. Monju Begum, a 40-year-old married mother of three, told police she severed her attacker's body part to prove that he had assaulted her.

I'll say that's some pretty convincing evidence, wouldn't you?


According to Begum, her neighbor had been harassing her for several months; while she was sleeping, he forced his way into her shanty and tried to rape her.

Of course, the guy is denying the accusation, alleging that he and Begum had been having an affair for 15 years. The way he tells it, Begum wanted to run away with him, and when he refused she sought the ultimate revenge. Here's him complaining from his hospital bed:

I am a double victim: first, she cut my penis and now police say they are going to arrest me for attempted rape.

Hmmm. Maybe. Except for the fact that local authorities report that initial investigations of the incident on Saturday night supported the woman's version of the story.

As a rule, taking the law into your own hands isn't a good idea. But consider what this woman is up against: Bangladesh has a predominately Muslim culture, and women in this country are often placed in a subservient role to men. In fact, new laws which have actually sought to increase women's rights and equality in the country have been met with protest. Provided Begum's account of the rape is true -- and it looks like it is -- it's possible she believed that cutting off her attackers penis' as evidence was her only chance to obtain justice from someone who harmed her.

And, you can't help but appreciate the irony of this guy's maiming -- likely he will never attack another woman again.


Image via another_finn/Flickr

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