KKK Saves Obama’s Memorial Day

tomb of the unknownThe day after Memorial Day is grand, isn't it? You're sitting there, basking in the beauty of what it means to be an American, where anything, literally anything is possible. Even agreeing with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Yes, I said it. But before you spit your coffee across the room (come on now, that's bad for your laptop screen), and go running for your silver stake to plunge into my cold, dead heart, hold on a cotton pickin' second. You might find yourself agreeing too . . . just this once.

It turns out 10 members of one of the groups heretofore only associated with hate in America spent Memorial Day in a curious position. On the side of good of all places. Then again, when placed up against the vile members of the Westboro Baptist Church, even the KKK looks good.


You know the Westboro Baptist Church. The freaks who like to picket little girl's funerals just for fun and attention? Who thanked God last week for the poor folks who died in the Joplin tornado so people would gnash their teeth and get their panties in a twist . . . and pay attention to them?

As part of their ultimate plan to urinate on all that is good and pure in America, they showed up at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday, ready to protest as President Barack Obama memorialized our fallen heroes at the Tomb of the Unknowns. You could ask why they were there, but really, with the Westboro Baptist Church we're finding there is no reason other than to draw attention.

And now for the words that really hurt. Thank goodness the KKK was there. Or specifically members of the Knights of the Southern Cross, a KKK offshoot that was there to protest the Westboro protest. They were there, essentially, on behalf of our dead soldiers. And they -- along with other protestors -- helped save the president's memorial event from being upended by the jerks from Westboro.

And for that, even I have to say bravo. They can do something right. It's hard; it's true. On a personal level, I have my own problems with the KKK. My great-grandmother had crosses burned on her lawn by a northern chapter. I'm married to a Southerner; he's told me stories. I've read extensively. Heck, I'm no dummy. I know what they represent, and it isn't good.

But either there's some good to be found in the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church is just THAT bad that it makes the KKK look good. I'm putting my bets on the latter, how about you?


Image via Tony the Misfit/Flickr

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