Flaunting Paralegal's Big Breasts During Trial Is Fair Play


Daniella Atencia
Daniella Atencia
Daniella Atencia-Feofanov has large breasts. There is no hiding them and no making them less appealing, and occasionally she comes into court to help her lawyer husband with his cases. But this week, a lawyer on the other side of one of her husband's cases objected, not to a motion in his case, but to her boobs. 

And yes, you read that correctly. The other lawyer objected to her breasts. Is that even possible? Something is clearly amiss here. Chicago attorney Dmitry Foefanov is furious at lawyer Thomas Gooch who is accusing the couple of using Atencia-Feofanov's boobs to "draw the attention of the jury away from the relevant proceedings."

Let's say for argument's sake that Gooch is correct and he was using her boobs (or, alternatively, SHE was using her boobs to help her husband) to win his case, then the plan is really genius.

Consider the facts: Gooch looks like an idiot right now, correct? He may as well shout: "Oh poor me, I am so helpless in the face of such a hot woman that I can't do my job! Please judge help me!"

Gooch told the Daily News:

Personally, I like large breasts. However, I object to somebody I don't think is a qualified paralegal sitting at the counsel table -- when there's already two lawyers there -- dressed in such a fashion as to call attention to herself.

Insert foot into mouth ASAP Gooch. You look like a fool. And you have been played.

Even if he's right, he comes off looking like a misogynist pig for even daring to bring it up. But is he right? It's impossible to tell from what little we know. He is right about one thing, though. Boobs distract and they can get a woman just about anything she wants.

We want to believe that's not true, but many large breasted women can attest that at one point or another, those large mammaries came in handy. Whether it's right or not is another question. Women who use their sexuality to get ahead don't have much to fall back on once the (inevitable) fade into old age begins. But still, when you have it, you have it.

It's not this woman's fault that lawyers (and juries) are done in by her boobs. In fact, there is nothing wrong with using all the tools (ahem) in your toolbox to win a case, right? If she has distracting boobs that will help her win her case, then by all means, show 'em off.

If Gooch can't prove his case well enough to keep the jurors from looking at her cleavage, then he must not be a very good lawyer.

Do you think she used her boobs to distract?

Image via Dmitry Feofanov 



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PonyC... PonyChaser

Wow. THIS is why women have problems being taken seriously in the workplace. Because we can't make up our minds.

Do we want to be treated as professionals? As equals with men in the boardroom? Then dress like it. Wear modest clothing. Doesn't mean that you have to be frumpy, or disguise the fact that you are pretty, but don't be hanging The Girls out of your shirt and flaunting them in an effort to derail attention and help your husband/boss/side wins the case. That's playing dirty, and frankly, makes you a tramp.

Do you see a good looking guy with killer abs walking into the courtroom without his shirt on? The guy with the really tight arse walking in wearing painted-on jeans? No. Because there is a 'dress code', a level of decorum that is understood, both in the courtroom and in business in general.

And when a guy takes notice and calls foul, he's not a misogynist, he's making a fair point. SHE'S the one who is out of line here.

Rene Moodley

I'm a 32 DD and a size 0 pants, naturally. just about anything I wear looks like im showing off my chest, especially when I am dressing "professionally" as professional clothing tends to, although not be tight, but be at semi form fitting. you cannot show up in a baggy shirt or a sweatshirt. a suit on a women with my measurements looks like what it looks like, a suit on a women with big boobs. 

I have had this problem in the past in the work place. and it is not due to the clothing i wear, but to how it fits my body. short of a breast reduction or wearing turtle necks every day, there is nothing i can do about it. even a high cut cotton shirt is going to show them off, because i have a small frame and large boobs, it looks like a cotton shirt over two melons. 

i dont know how this woman was dressing, but I know what the problem is like from the perspective of someone in that situation. A large breasted woman is not out of line, there is just little that can be done to take attention away from them. 

you can say use a minimizer bra, but let me tell you, ive spent upwards to $75 on bras and it makes little difference. I wear them in the professional world. and I have STILL gotten comments like the ones this woman received. 

Kasey Comingore

since there isn't a lot of information, we can't really say what was going on.  if her boobs are that big, there isn't really anything she can do to hide them.  as long she is wearing a shirt that covers her breasts, and is professional, the lawyer needs to shut the hell up!  if she was wearing something inappropriate, then she is at fault.  she is in a professional career, and needs to dress accordingly.  

xtina... xtina6143

I totally agree with rene

nonmember avatar Mark

As an attorney, I guess I'm suspicious because I don't understand why a paralegal would ever be in the courtroom during trial, regardless or his/her looks.

Joe Zagorski

sorry, but i've watched too many episodes of 'diff'rent strokes' to take a guy with the name 'gooch' seriously to begin with.

this is how oj was found innocent: the girl with the big boobs sitting next to johnny cochran.

in fact, i have it on good authority that the original cochran line was, 'if you like the tit, you must acquit!'

nonmember avatar Sandra

Where to begin ...

1. If the judge thought ANYONE in the courtroom was dressed inappropriately (attorney, juror, or a person in the gallery), then the judge would have thrown the person out of the courtroom.

2) Whether a woman uses her body as a "distraction" or in any way to get ahead in the world is her business. We all use what was given to us to make our way in the world. For some that is beauty; some brains; some both.

3) If the lady was used as a "distraction" (I'm assuming with her full knowledge and consent if that is the case), that makes the attorney one smart cookie. His client is paying the attorney a lot of money to use everything in his arsenal to win the case. Would you pay a lawyer $300+ an hour (or 35%-40% contingency), plus expenses, who only did the bare minimum and may or may not win the case for you? Wouldn't you be happier paying those exorbitant legal fees knowing you had a lawyer who did what he could to win?

4) If a juror is that easily distracted for such a long period of time (the length of any trial), then the juror is the one without self control. Do you mean to tell me that ALL of the jurors were distracted the ENTIRE time?

5) But come on, enough is enough when it comes to blaming a woman for being big breasted. That's like blaming the sky for being blue.

While I could go on, I'll end it here.

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