Proof Doomsday Prophet Harold Camping Doesn't Believe in Judgment Day

family radioThe way Doomsday prophet Harold Camping tells it, Judgment Day is Saturday, May 21, when a mighty earthquake will come, and we'll all be dead but loving it because we'll experience the Rapture of being in the presence of God. Don't believe it? Good, neither does he.

Sorry to break it to you this way, but Camping is a big fat phony. And if you don't believe it, just take a look over at the website for Family Radio, the cult non-profit Christian radio group that Camping runs. Or at the screenshot above. See that thing on the bottom corner? No? Well let's look a little closer, shall we?


donate onlineYes, ladies and gentleman, with only two days to go until the world goes kaput, Harold Camping and Co. are still trying to collect money to keep their non-profit going. They'll be happy to take a debit card or a credit card. Either one will do!

But, but, but, if the world's going to end, who needs money? Who are they going to have to pay? See? Harold Camping says the world's going to end. He's even released statements assuring us that anyone who questions it is wrong, it's totally happening. But this guy is hedging his bets like crazy.

It's not surprising, and not simply because most of the free world is regarding his premonition as poppycock. The last time Camping made this claim, back in 1994, that the apocalypse was nigh, nothing happened. The world kept spinning. He stayed alive, and he still needed funds to get by.

It turns out this guy might be crazy, but he's not stupid. When the world keeps spinning on to Sunday, he knows he's going to need some cash. Now who will be stupid enough to supply it?

What do you think? Does Camping really believe this nonsense? Do you?


Image via Family Radio

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