Identity of Schwarzenegger's Mistress Takes Him From 'Cheater' to 'Criminal'


mildred patty baena arnold schwarzeneggerWell, that didn't take very long! It turns out Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress and mother of his love child was his longtime housekeeper, Mildred Patricia "Patty" Baena. The 50-year-old was identified by ABC News, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, etc. as THE Woman who gave birth to Arnold's illegitimate 14-year-old son. Now that we know it was Patty, there's plenty of finger-pointing going on and cringe-worthy details being thrown around (apparently Baena was pregnant while Maria was carrying her now 13-year-old son Christopher).

But at the same time, I haven't heard anyone really speculate what was going on for all these years between Baena and Schwarzenegger. Was it really just an "affair" -- or something else?

When it comes to powerful men involved in "sex scandals," like Schwarzenegger, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, etc., we often jump right to focusing on the infidelity itself. Sure, they all had sex with other women behind their wives' backs. They cheated. They're dogs. But what about the element of power here? Why does no one consider for a moment that maybe these men used their positions of power to get what they wanted from women who weren't their wives?

It seems like this question is especially pertinent in the Schwarzenegger situation. Baena was his employee for many years. We don't know the exact circumstances ... Sure, it's possible that the two were completely on the same page and wanted to carry on a relationship behind Shriver's back. But there's also the possibility that their union was the result of an abuse of power.

Think about it on an everyday level. Say Schwarzenegger was just Baena's boss at a retail gig, or a legal office, and he was coming onto her, and initiating an affair. Wouldn't that be sexual harassment? Does the fact that we're talking about a governor and his housekeeper make the situation any different?

"Sex scandals" like Schwarzenegger's shouldn't necessarily be considered throw-away infidelities. There's something more here. All too often, these pampered celebrities or politicians appear to be abusing their positions of power by initiating sex with women who are their employees, their subordinates. It's possible the affair is completely consensual, but it's also hard to believe that Baena -- and women like her -- weren't to some extent pressured into these affairs. And if that's the case -- why we aren't calling a spade a spade. If it looks like it, walks like it, and sounds like it, it might just be sexual harassment. If so, men like Schwarzenegger must be legally called on their offense.

Do you think sexual harassment played any role in Schwarzenegger's affair or similar "sex scandals"?


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poshkat poshkat

i thought his illegitimate kid was 10 not 14. anyways, maybe she came on to him? maybe she pursued him (even though EW its Arnold....) she obviously did not have an issue with keeping his hush money and not saying anything about it for 14 years so why should be even bother saying "sexual harassment" now. the kids is here and its all out now.

choli... cholita1978

She was pregnant, and still working at the house while Maria was pregnant also.  So sorry to me she wasn't all that innocent, maybe he offered her a good amount of money, who knows

Truel... Truelove77

Gross and sad:( Hope Maria Shriver  moves on and finds a real man or she can be happy single...

bills... billsfan1104

Why do you "have to" refer to the kid as illegitimate. I know that he is, but I kinda think it is degrading and hurtful, when he is able to pull these things up. It is not the kids fault, that his parents are scumbags. And to answer your question, I dont think there is any sexual harrasement, because then she would of had to file rape charges, would of blown him in long ago, and wouldnt of taken "hush money". Poor kid. I feel so sorry for him.

nonmember avatar Annie

Ok, seriously? America needs to mind it's own business when it comes to these things. Come on! Forcing a woman to fit your own definition of sexual harassment is just as demeaning as pretending that sexual harassment doesn't exist. She's a woman, and his employee, therefore she must have had no choice in the matter? Do you have any idea how many people who work together sleep together...consentually? Anyway, I completely agree with BillsFan that the young man is bearing the brunt of this. That poor kid had to listen to Arnold warble on in a public (ha! typed pubic by accident!) apology for his big "mistake" and all the "pain" he caused his family by his very wrong actions. Because America needs that apology. So that young man had to listen to his father apologize FOR HIS EXISTENCE. Arnold's "mistake" is done. Let's more on for the sake of all his children.

nonmember avatar Jaberkaty

Ah, baseless speculation is the cornerstone of upstanding journalism.

I hate hypotheticals. They are weak, weak arguments because you can basically shape them into anything that fits your agenda. Get some facts and then spout an opinion around them. But that would probably involve real work.

nonmember avatar Berrynoir

According to the media Arnold is a "criminal" douche bag. His mistress is either a rape victim or a home-wrecking wh*re who can't keep her legs closed and the no-doubt very internet-savvy young man is a "mistake" Nice.

rinab... rinabella30

Advice for Maria shriver and all the ladies...Never trust no WOMEN around your man..I dont care if shes.. teeth. AGIAN DONT TRUST NO WOMEN AROUND YOUR MAN..LOL!!!!

cocob... cocobeannns

I have to agree with the above statements. And might I add, what kind of woman would accept "hush money" for as long as she did, if in fact she were sexually harrased by a man in that much power or any other man for that matter. I don't believe she was harrassed or pressured into the situation she got her self into, and futhermore why would you continue to work in his home if you were the victim in said situation? They were both consenting adults who knew exactly what they were doing. Period.

Layla19 Layla19

@Billsfan- I agree there's no need to stigmatize the child. But it's not necessarily true that for it to be harassment, she HAS to have spoken out. Many victims don't.

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