IMF Sex Scandal Has Some Believing It's a Set Up


imfWhen the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a group who stabilizes the world's economic system, is charged with attempt rape, it's not going to be taken lightly. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is also known as DSK, is the managing director of IMF. The 62-year-old married man was also expected to run as a Socialist for the French Presidency next year. But yesterday he was pulled from his NYC to Paris Air France flight moments before takeoff and arrested after a 32-year-old maid from the Times Square Sofitel Hotel where he was staying and charged with sexual assault.

Some of his supporters in France cannot help but believe that this is a "plot to frame him." But DSK didn't earn the nickname "the great seducer" for being a noble husband. 

The details about the alleged attack on the maid are horrifying. The maid says that she thought the room was vacant and entered to clean. She told police that Strauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom naked and attacked her. When she tried to flee, he chased after her, dragged her back to the bathroom, and sexually assaulted her. After the attack, he reportedly left in such a hurry that he left behind his cell phone and some other items.

DSK earned the nickname as "the great seducer" when in 2008 he cheated on his wife with a Senior Official for the IMF's Africa department. The woman, Piroska Nagy, purportedly had an incriminating email exchange with the IMF head. Her husband, Mario Blejer, who is a prominent economist and former president of Argentina's central bank, found the emails and that's when the affair ended. The rumors that Nagy received an excessive payout to leave the IMF were just as insulting as DSK's acknowledgement of his "error of judgment."

Could this be some sort of set-up as some DSK backers suggest? Is it some big scheme put together by supporters of current French President Nicolas Sarkozy? Doubtful. But this is politics ... and we may never know the whole truth.

What do you think of the news? Was he set up?


Image via IMF

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meatb... meatball77

This isn't a date rape where the evidence is scarse.  There should be clear evidence based on that description (and how quickly the victim came forward) that can't be denied.

nonmember avatar Annie

^^^ I agree with Meatball77 that it sounds as though there ought to be ample evidence. Of course, if it actually is some sort of giant international frame-up then evidence could have been planted and/or manufactured. But I don't buy the whole "huge set-up" defense. Sounds like this Sofitel housekeeper was savagely attacked by a totally sleazy man. My heart goes out to her and good on her for speaking up!

nonmember avatar Annie

He already tried to rape a French writer in 2002. She dropped charges because she was afraid of becoming known only as "the girl who got abused by the politician".

I think he's a disgusting old guy who proves that you can do a good job in your public life and be a horrible human being in your private life.

nonmember avatar doug

You have to marvel at how quickly the NYPD responded to the maid's complaint, worked out that he was fleeing the country, what flight he was on, etc. Remarkable police work. What's the emoticon for suspicious?

nonmember avatar stooben

So, he comes out of the shower, sees the maid, and immediately becomes a naked Harpo Marx, chasing her about, leering and honking a bike horn. Yeah, right. Something smells here.

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