'10 Hottest Women Sex Offenders List' Helps Save Kids


erin bauman female sex offenderWhen you think of sex offenders, the first image that's probably called to mind is of some creepy too skinny or obese guy. With a van and bad clothes. Maybe a comb-over. The last thing you think of is a woman who looks like she could be a really attractive second grade teacher. Nonetheless, these sex offenders do exist! Need proof? The Houston Press has released the “10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List."

Next to each mugshot, the woman's name, city, crime, and victim information is listed. If you scan through, you'll see the various "hotties" have assaulted boys and girls, from 2-16 years old ... crimes that are nothing short of horrific. But because the Houston Press dared present this information packaged in the way they did -- by calling these criminals physically attractive -- there's been a lot of uproar.

Your knee-jerk reaction might be that the list glamorizes or trivializes child rape ...

You might say it's also just plain sexist to categorize female criminals as "hotties." (Just because they're criminals doesn't mean it's wrong to exploit them as sex objects, right?) All in all, it's clearly inflammatory. 

But if you get hung up on all of that, then you're missing the point.

Richard Connelly, the blogger who compiled the list, wrote a follow-up, explaining his rationale:

... child predators don't fit any category -- the people they prosecuted included successful lawyers and doctors, as well as unemployed losers ... [I wanted] to show that "normal-looking" people, people you could pass any day on the street -- or who you might think are "hot" -- are capable of monstrous things.

And yes, Connelly even chose a headline "in an attempt to catch attention," opting for "Hottest" because "it's a Web-headline staple for such listicles." (There's your blogging industry insider secret of the day.) It was a ploy, but a wisely constructed one.

This seems like a perfect lesson in learning that first impressions can be false. This list, at first glance, seems like an exploitative attempt just to piss people off, stir the pot, nab a bunch of traffic for something downright skeevy and salacious. But in reality, it's a campaign to open our eyes to reality ... to change our skewed perspectives.

I'd usually be the first to defend womankind and try to argue that these women are likely in the minority when it comes to sex offenders in general. Because it's actually difficult for me personally to imagine women committing heinous, violent, reprehensible acts like child rape or murder. Honestly, part of me believes we're above that, that men are simply more inclined to it. But this list proves that knee-jerk reaction of mine wrong. There are women who are just as capable as men. Criminals don't fit into neat Hollywood stereotypes. And a list like this one that opens our eyes to that fact can only serve to bring us one step closer to protecting our kids.

How do you feel about the "10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List"?


Image via Texas Department of Public Safety



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nonmember avatar Francine

What an intelligent take on that column, which I've read...I've also been a reporter and a social worker (with sexual abuse victims), and am glad I'm neither now. The media started to dumb down in the '80s, even before Fox Snooze et al almost killed it. And now, w/ the Internetz? It's like you have to have "Hottest" in every hed. Back to sexual abuse: It's estimated 1 in 4 females are a victim of rape/molestation, and 1/3rd of ALL abused carry on the cycle. So it shouldn't be surprising that females weigh in heavily as abusers. Check out that caregiver/neighbor/friend/and yes, even relative (!!!) to whom you entrust your children. So overall, the article was helpful and even the controversy is. Probably those in denial about even talking about such abuse are in some small way contributing to its existence. Education, peeps!

yobab... yobabywazup

Yes monsters come in many forms! Not all the men who molest abuse and rape are hideous!!!

LoriAnn Marey Ince Kuhn

I am now going to try to find this article. Yes, my first reaction was, "what is hot about molestation". After reading further, I get it. Too bad it takes this kind of verbiage to show the garbage of our society.

skerv... skervinsmom

Thank you fo sharing this. Scary stuff indeed

nonmember avatar Jared

I think its pretty screwed up the information was released in the "package" that it was, ie women who are gorgeous who sexually abuse people. First of all child molesters are child molesters, they are not hotties or chicks or whatever the hell they are being classified as. These people are monsters, and of course because they are women, everybody brushes it off and claims that is all okay. People need to realize that women are just as capable as men of doing things which are literally eye opening, like murdering little kids and claiming to be "great moms" like Casey Anthony, fraud, extortion, theft, assaulting their own children and yes sexual abusing youth. Once again people fail to learn from history, and the 1,000s of "reported cases" of child abuse by women every year: There have been literally 1,000s of documented cases of extremely sick women. Dont believe me, look it up on wikipedia. This is why when people think of the Holocaust they think of Himmler, and Eichmann rather than Irma Grese, Ilse Koch, Hermine Braunsteiner and the 100's of other women who murdered, abused, sexually assaulted innocent people. Suffice to say women assault, abuse, etc just as men do.

quita... quita_face21

I can see why he chose the title, a sex offender can come in many forms & they go after any gender. You can't tell who is a sex offender just by looking at them. Many offenders know their victims and the families well, sometimes it's that trusted family member. The title was for shock value and to get people to open their eyes and start paying close attention to those around their kids. 

april545 april545

When I got pregnate, I checked the local sex offender register around my area, I have over 47 registered sex offenders within 3 miles of my house and 6 of them were female, and when i researched their crime I was appalled one of them with a 4 month old, disgusting, Really makes me wonder, why is it drug offenders get more time in jail than predators, who are the junkies really hurting, but themselves.  My personal opinion with child predators, is first part of their sentence should be in a concealed room with the parents and whatever happens happens, if they make it out alive then tattoo child molestor on their foreheads and put them in general population in prison.  Why is it that the government is so concerned about protecting the rights of these monsters and not the rights of our innocent youth????

ivy801 ivy801

Interesting way of putting it out but the point is that it is out there for people to see.Hope it helps parents keep their kids safe. I don't think of these people as monsters, monsters are something we are taught to think as scary and subreal or from under the bed, something that shouldn't exist. These people are human and it should instead make you think what any human is capable of doing.

mamac... mamacifuni

to the nonmember (Sam)... a)mentally retarded is a derogatory term that offends people who have disabilities, b)who the hell are you to make such a broad and generalized statement??????

I think that the author of the article used the term hottie for shock value bc some people refuse to see sex offenders as anything other than creeps in vans down by the river

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