Meghan McCain Brings Out the Wretch in Glenn Beck

Meghan McCainWe already knew Glenn Beck was a misogynistic wretch, but the fact that Meghan McCain's bare shoulders in a PSA to promote skin cancer awareness spurred him to spend minutes on air pretending to retch just makes him all the more wretched. Leave it to Beck to find something wrong with preventing skin cancer.

In the PSA, done for the Style Network, McCain and others such as Brandy, Tempestt Bledsoe, and Tatyana Ali are shown in various stages of undress recounting their "naked" sins -- i.e., not wearing sunscreen. McCain has good reason for appearing in the campaign as both of her parents have had skin cancer. She's also the least exposed in the commercial, showing only her shoulders, but those shoulders had a powerful shudder effect on Mr. Beck.


In the kindergarten-level segment of his show referred to on his site as "McCain gets naked, Glenn vomits," he pretended to puke every time the photos came up, while blaming it on food sickness. For about eight minutes this went on with the fake puke interspersed between gripping commentary like:

Oh, I got something bad. Might be that Meghan McCain. When I look at the picture, I think to myself, I get the point, put some extra clothes on.

And by gripping, I mean making one grip the corners of wastebasket and vomit for real. He even suggested that perhaps McCain should wear a burka to be "extra safe."

If you really want to see and hear Beck in action, here's the video of him fake puking, but the whole thing makes me too sick to actually post it here. 

Cindy McCain took to Twitter to put him in his place:

I'm so glad Glenn Beck is leaving Fox. Enough vitriol and hate. Glenn you are no rodeo clown. They are decent and nice. You aren't.

Take that!

What do you think of Glenn Beck's comments about Meghan McCain?

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