Congressman Who Flaunts Abs on 'Men's Health' Gets My Vote (VIDEO)


aaron schockUnless you live in Illinois, you probably have no idea who Aaron Schock is. But you're about to find out. The 29-year-old Republican Representative from Illinois is not only the youngest member of Congress, he's also the first to appear virtually shirtless on a national magazine cover. And he does so quite impressively.

But Schock agreed to the cover interview for Men's Health (June 2011 issue) for purposes nobler than showing off his rock hard abs. (Though those abs have been duly noted.)

He wants to help you lose weight.

Schock -- tagged on the cover as "America's Fittest Congressman" -- is helping promote the Fit for Life Summer Challenge, an initiative encouraging Americans to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He appeared on the Today Show with Men's Health editor-in-chief David Zinczenko, and spoke about his own weight gain back in his college days.

Is it just me, or is this like the best career move ever?

It's true that Schock has a lot more going for him than a great body. He graduated from college in just two years, and at 23, he became the first member of Congress to be born in the 1980s. And while Men's Health and David Zinczenko aren't exactly known as bastions of cerebral superiority, health care has become a huge political issue in the United States.

But will Schock's fellow politicians and constituents take the shirtless rep seriously? If they can get past the abs (a challenge in itself) and focus on the message -- then I think so. In fact, I think the lack of a shirt does more help than harm.

Look at it this way: His constituents may have not given two shakes of a lamb's tail about politics before, but they might actually listen to what the man has to say now. Name familiarity at its finest, for sure. First, they'll hear about getting active. And next, who knows? Maybe listen to a thing or two about the importance of agriculture in their area or supporting veteran's affairs.

I'm not saying that the logic is awesome. Because it isn't. It's horrible that most Americans don't pay enough attention to the people they put in office. But controversy sparks interest. And well, a shirtless congressman just doesn't come around very often.

Take a look at Schock's talk with Matt Lauer on this morning's Today Show, and then tell me: What do you think of Aaron Schock posing for Men's Health?

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bills... billsfan1104

Noticed that you did not mention that he is a Republican. I bet if he was a democrat, it would be splattered all over your piece, bragging that he is a democrat. But enough about that. He is sommmmmme eye candy. hummina hummina. yummy. I would love to slop him up.

sunny... sunnybunny5us

I think it's a great way to promote fitness. I'd like to see more of that kind of thing going on. It's one of the most sensible platforms I've seen regarding health care to come from either party in a long time.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I am happy that my boyfriend subscribes to this. We will probably share this issue. :)

nonmember avatar jb

it was all good until i read the comment on being republican. shame!

Traum... TraumaRadio

He's certainly fun to look at.

navyw... navywife0204

Damn!!  this just goes to show that, no matter what party they are with, politicians don't have to be stodgy old men!  he's some major eye candy!!

Carenann Carenann

I saw the fact that he's republican right away. Was it added after this was first posted? I'm confused... anyway, I have no problem with his posing shirtless... no problem at all. (Still won't vote republican, ever, but I'll happily enjoy looking at his picture.) :)

nonmember avatar Bill Cooney

Wonder what his position is on "Obamacare." Not all of us are in our 20's looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Carenann... yes, "republican" was added after the fact. And if you "won't vote Republican, ever", then you are part of what's wrong with this country. You're as bad as those who say, "anybody but Obama". Think about it.

MEanwhile, I like this guys abs, but I surely hope that's not the reason he got into office.

nonmember avatar anon

actually REPUBLICAN is in all caps in the first paragraph. if it was a Democrat, the republicans would be outraged and finding out his entire sexual history to smear him. just goes to show republicans don't read the whole story and complain and spin, spin, spin....i think if we all just were AMERICANS for a while, some things just might get done...alas, but there are no kickbacks for that. it'll be a miracle if we last another 80 years as we are going.

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