Democrat Daphne Campbell Has the Right to Think for Herself


jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
Florida is the latest in a line of states (including South Dakota) that has recently passed bills that would allow pregnant women considering an abortion to make an informed decision. The Florida bills, passed last week by a large majority in the State House of Representatives, include measures that would require mothers to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion, and also outlaw the termination of viable babies in the third trimester.

One freshman representative, Daphne Campbell, was chewed out as a traitor and had her job threatened by follow house member Scott Randolph over her support of the bill. Both politicians are Democrats.

“I was the victim of an altercation by my fellow state representative, Scott Randolph,” said Campbell on Monday. “Several items were thrown in my face, foul language was used against me, and I was insulted and ridiculed in front of all my colleagues. I was called a ‘traitor’ and was told that I was going to be kicked out of office next year.”

Apparently a person can’t be both a Democrat and a supporter of informed choice or fetal rights in the Sunshine State. Since when did people have to believe in everything on a party platform in order to belong to it? There are only two major parties in our political system; it’s a rare person that will support every single position upheld on their side of the aisle.

It’s probably also the same person that lacks conviction and the ability to think for themselves. 

It is unfair to ask a woman to set aside her ideology simply because her label of ‘black female democrat’ dictates that she should believe a certain way. There was a time in our country when women and people of color were expected to act/think/feel/live a certain way because they were non-male or non-white. 

Scott Randolph and his defenders should think long and hard about forcing someone to behave like a black woman, or Democratic politician, because that’s what’s expected out of her. A woman is not a traitor to her gender, ethnicity, or political affiliation simply because she goes against the flow at times.

She’s a unique and individual person, and her positions are worthy of respect. If the Tea Party can support Scott Brown, liberals should be able to support Daphne Campbell.

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butte... butterflymkm

I oppose the bill but agree that just because you affiliate with one party or the other doesn't mean you believe in everything they do. I wish more people would cross party lines. I'm a liberal democrat but I believe strongly in gun ownership rights, for instance, a typically conservative republican view.

bills... billsfan1104

wOOHOOOO BUTTERFLY, We aree on gun rights. You sound like one of my very dear friends. She is very very democrat, but she is a strong believer in the 2nd amendment. This is sad, that this politician did this. I guess he is playing to the fringe left, and trying to make her look horrible by doing this.

nonmember avatar jody

This country would be a lot better off is people examined each issue on its own merits and supporting (or lack thereof) facts. Just towing the party line is a great disservice to our country and to each other.

DebaLa DebaLa

Her personal christian religious beliefs are at the core of her decision. Has nothing to do with party, race or gender. Do NOT throw everyone in Bucket A or B. Thank you.

AngiDas AngiDas

A+ article again Jenny! You are hitting themout of the park!

hotic... hoticedcoffee

Wow!  Awesome article, and HOT DAMN - huge props to Daphne Campbell for not slinking off into a corner after being "schooled" by Scott Randolf!!!!!  Fantastic.

butte... butterflymkm

Thank you billsfan and I agree with Jody, I wish everyone would evaluate each situation on it's own merit.

Dana E Armstrong

Thank you once again for touting your party line that women are to stupid to make a decision about their own bodies with out the "information" the pro-lifers want to stuff down their throats.  Daphne is just another tool for that agenda.

sunny... sunnybunny5us

I doubt most women seeking an abortion are unaware of fetal development. If they are, we need better sex ed in school. People should learn about fetal development as well as contraception and lactation and other related issues by the time they reach puberty. 

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