Teen Kills Her Sister in Freak Car Accident


car crashAs moms, we like to joke about what our worst nightmare about our kids might be. Things that might make the list: Your daughter getting a tattoo on her face; or shaving her head the day before a family reunion; or dropping out of school to join the circus. But really, we all know that those things pale in comparison to what our worst nightmare really is: Losing a child.

Cindy Matthes and her husband Todd are currently living that nightmare. Their daughter Gabrielle (Gabby), 17, was killed following a car crash on Monday night in Adams, Nebraska. A pickup truck collided with the car Gabby Matthes was driving while on her way to a school concert, where she was going to sing a solo.

Instead of attending her high school graduation next week, the Matthes will be attending their daughter's funeral.

This story gets sadder.

The driver of the pickup truck that collided with Gabby's car was Megan Matthes, 15, Gabby's younger sister -- and only sibling. Megan was injured in the accident, but is doing okay.

Aside from the heartbreaking loss of Gabby, Cindy and Todd Matthes will have to cope with the weird reality that one of their daughters accidentally killed the other. No parent should have to go through that. No sister either.

Apparently, the spring concert that Gabby was on her way to sing in on Monday night went ahead as scheduled. Choir members were told about Gabby's accident just before the show began.

I hope the Matthes family, and especially Megan, can follow their lead.

Sometimes, we have to keep on singing no matter how sad our song can get.


Image via sylvar/Flickr


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Storm... Stormy6669

What was a 15 year old doing driving? So sad!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

In neb she could drive with a permit. I also think the area they lived in she could get a work school type of liscense... Very tragic. And close to where I am

jalaz77 jalaz77

:*( very sad....

butte... butterflymkm

How final destination. Fate is crazy sometimes. There was a young girl from my hometown recently killed when a tree randomly fell over on her. So sad.

Beths... Bethsunshine

Oh that is so sad for the whole family!! I can't imagine the kind of guilt the younger sister will feel the rest of her life!! My heart goes out to them all!!

bills... billsfan1104

I think the title of this is crappy.

Stefanie Olsen Nordberg

Farming states/communities can drive at that age. I live in Montana and I had my full drivers lic at age 15, not just a permit. Most rural kids (like I did) learned to drive just about anything from 6/7 years old. Tractors, 4 wheelers, trucks to feed with ect. It's just the way of life in more rural states. I do feel so so sad for this family. Horrible situation to have to live through.

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