Osama bin Laden Is Dead, U.S. Official Says (VIDEO)

Osama Bin Laden
Osama bin Laden
HUGE breaking news late this Sunday evening. According to a United States official, Osama bin Laden has been killed. President Obama is expected to make an address shortly (watch it after the jump) to announce the death of America's most wanted terrorist and the mastermind responsible for the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

This is an enormous story for the White House, for the American people, and for everyone around the world. No doubt, you have a million questions -- how, when, where? These answers will come to light over the next minutes, hours, and days.


It sounds, so far, like it was a human operation that took Bin Laden down, based on "actionable US intelligence." CNN Live also says his death occurred in a mansion outside of Islamabad and that other family members were also killed in the strike.

I guess he wasn't hiding in a cave after all.

Outside the White House, as I type, tourists are rallying with happiness, chanting "USA! USA!" and singing the Star Spangled Banner. I just hope the news remains positive. Like most concerned Americans who have seen enough bloodshed, retaliation is always a big fear.

How are you reacting to this incredible news story?

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