Americans Are Taking Over the Royal Wedding


prince williamIt's no secret that we here on The Stir have Royal Wedding Fever. I, personally, am extremely excited about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I mean, a regular ol' (really pretty, really wealthy) girl is about to become a princess! That's news-worthy!

Well, much to my surprise, it turns out that I'm not the only person who cares about the Royal Wedding in the United States. New data from Nielsen shows that the coverage of everything Will and Kate by the U.S. press has surpassed the British media -- by a quite a large margin. Crikey!

According to Nielson:

While the United Kingdom creates the greater overall level of consumer buzz about the Royal Wedding, the United States has the highest share of news coverage by traditional news sources, such as the online versions of newspapers and magazines.

Is it me, or is this kind of weird? We're, like, totally taking over the Royal Wedding. It feels kind of icky and wrong; like we've eaten the last piece of cake at somebody else's birthday party. Imagine if Brad and Angelina were to get married and there was more British coverage than U.S.? Something about it just doesn't seem right.

Maybe it's because we don't have any royalty -- besides Oprah Winfrey -- here in the United States. We don't ever get to watch fancy people with white gloves and pill box hats have tea and knight people. All we have is the Lindsay Lohan trial, Charlie Sheen and his goddesses, and Donald Trump questioning our President. Very uncouth.

Or perhaps it's simply because Americans are obsessed with anything celebrity? I tend to lean towards the former, because the British tabloids are just as bad -- possibly even worse.

Or, maybe, just maybe, it's because we Americans secretly wish we were British? I know I do. So much so that I speak with an accent. Half my co-workers think I moved to New York from Croydon, not Los Angeles. Guess the jig is up now. 

Whatever the reason, who cares? The important thing is that the United States is number one! Doesn't matter if it pertains to something as dumb as "most media coverage." Just as long as we win. USA! USA!

Why do you think Americans are so obsessed with the Royal Wedding?


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Cheer... Cheermom1108

I'm getting tired of seeing her scrunchy face everywhere, but that's just me lol.


Oprah royalty???? Seriously???? Sorry, I had to get that out cause she's so NOT royalty to me. Maybe in her own mind!

I simply can't wait. I love every single minute of this. 



Creat... Createchoas

As a British/Canadian I think it's kind of weird you Americans are so obssesed with the royal wedding. You fought so hard to be free of the British and become your own country. Why would you even care? I don't even care! But like you said, must just be your obessions with anyone/anything of celebrity statues.

DebaLa DebaLa

^^^ you should know by now breaking from Britain was like breaking away from mom and dad. There's history there, and everyones' back in the fold. For like almost 200 years. Weddings and all things royal are part of any extended families' preoccupations.

The article's analyses and comparisons with Oprah, etc, are just plain silly.

Troys... TroysMommy1220

Funny because I had actually heard something on the news today about how only about 18% of Americans give a crap about the Royal wedding while the rest of us (me included) are sick of hearing about it and couldn't really care less. So maybe the major entertainment news outlets care a lot, but us normal American folk really seem to be getting sick of hearing about it and cant wait until it's over.

ilove... ilovemyboys84

im not sure but i know im sooo tired of hearing and reading about it!

rebec... rebeccagrace11

I for one can't wait. I am going to DVR it and maybe even watch it live, as I am a night owl anyway. I love the whole concept! 

JHanc968 JHanc968

I don't understand! I am tired of it all!

deadp... deadpplrmyhero

I have no clue why everyone is SO obsessed. I'm ready for it to be over

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