Rats on a Plane Are Way Worse Than High Bag Fees!

ratThe government announced new rules Wednesday aimed at protecting travelers from outrageous airline fees. But perhaps there should be new rules protecting them against something even more abhorrent -- RATS!

Delta Air Lines received a warning letter after USDA inspectors found rodent droppings "too numerous to count" on one of the carrier's planes. I've been fixated at how repulsive this story is from a health standpoint, but the safety concern has me paranoid as well: What if the rats chew through the plane's wiring?


According to a Delta spokesperson, the airline cooperated immediately with the FDA within days of the inspection to clean the plane and fix the problem. However, Delta officials failed to give the agency an action plan for how they plan to prevent future infestations -- which prompted the warning letter.

It's still an issue because, as John Gridley, director of the FDA's Atlanta District Office, explained: "We believe a recurrence is likely without adequate preventive measures in place."

Hopefully, Delta can work to resolve this issue before the April 28 deadline. Fees or no fees, I don't think any passengers are too excited about sharing an aircraft with these furry pests.

Are rat droppings on a plane just about the grossest thing you've ever heard?


Image via asplosh/Flickr

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