Wonkette Mocks 'Retarded' Trig Palin on His 3rd Birthday

downs syndrome awareness logoIn a low that hardly seems possible in this age of civility, the online DC gossip site Wonkette has viciously attacked the disabled toddler of a former politician. Trig Palin celebrated his third birthday on April 18, and to mark the occasion, Team Sarah posted a birthday poem to the former Alaskan Governor’s youngest son.

In a completely unwarranted response to the gesture, the folks at Wonkette questioned Trig’s parentage, implied incest within the Palin family, called the little boy a retarded political prop, and recommended that he get drunk to deal with his family that's even stupider than he is. 


Also, he licks strangers just like his big sister Piper licked her fingers to smooth down his hair on camera once. That must mean all the Palin children are morons because ... because why, exactly? What mother hasn’t smoothed down her kid’s hair with spit on occasion, and what big sister hasn’t mimicked mommy with her younger siblings?

It breaks my heart that there is even one person in America that would say such heartbreakingly awful things about a Down syndrome child (or any child!), regardless of who his parents are. But the author is obviously not alone, as the comments are just as bad and even worse than the original post.

Here are some gems:

Why in Christ does a baby need a tribute? It didn't do anything. It's just a baby. Is it a hero because it is retarded? Is that what we've come to? At least least make the kid compete in a wheelchair race or something before you start handing him medals. Jesus fuck.

Trig in '44. 
For a Retard Really Strong America.

Trig is by far the least retarded Palin.

I get that people don’t like Sarah Palin. It bugs me that they call her nasty names rather than debate actual issues, but as adults, it’s their prerogative to call her whatever C-word they want to. But baseless and vicious attacks on 3-year-olds with Down syndrome are unacceptable. 

Many people see Sarah Palin as what’s wrong with America. The only thing I see wrong is the pardoning of this sort of behavior. Shame on Jack Stuef for writing the piece, shame on Wonkette for publishing it, and shame on anyone that giggled or nodded in agreement while reading it.

We are better than this.

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