Silvio Berlusconi Bunga Bunga Parties Are Worse Than We Thought

silvio berlusconiWhen I think of my ideal President, words like "honorable," "decisive," and "fair" come to mind. You know what doesn't come to mind? Bunga-bunga parties, kissing the erect penis of a statue of the god of male genitalia, Priapus, and pole dancing. Call me crazy, but that's just silly ol' me.

So, yeah, we're talking about Silvio Berlusconi -- that crazy plate of spaghetti of a Prime Minister (and FYI, I'm Italian, so I can say that). The latest evidence from his ever-surprising sex scandal has emerged, and wow, is it nasty! Chiara Danese and Ambra Battilana, two escorts who you should know did not sleep with Berlusconi, have recently come forth and informed the public that not only did Berlusconi -- at one of his wild "bunga-bunga" parties -- have all the women there strip, he actually wheeled out a statue, encased in an shell, and had them kiss its privates. You're the leader of your country! Weren't you just the slightest bit nervous someone would find out?!


Danese recounts the event:

After the umpteenth obscene joke, Berlusconi brought in a statuette. It was a sort of shell and from inside it emerged a male figure ... Berlusconi [then] walked between the girls, carrying the statue, and asked them to kiss it. They were all laughing.

The prime minister then allegedly said: "Are you ready to bunga bunga?" to which the women shouted, "Yes!"

Look, most politicians are corrupt. Everyone knows that. And we've had some doozies here in the U.S. But if you're going to have a crazy sex party at your house, at least keep it normal, dude! There's always a chance that someone is going to spill the beans! Now not only are you known as one of the biggest dirtbags in history, you're a freak-show! Bunga-bunga parties! Kissing the wiener of a statue! Bahahaha! What a weirdo!

There's no need to speculate as to whether or not people (men in particular) in positions of power -- politicians, sports stars, actors -- think they're immune to ... everything. They're above the law. Drunk with power. Making women perform fellatio on a figurine. But isn't it so great when these morons do something so absurd that they become the butt of everyone's joke? And they don't run for office again.

What do you think of Berlusconi's crazy antics?


Image via CiuPix/Flickr

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