Man Calls 911 to Report His Own Suicide


phone dial Saddest story ever. A Colorado Springs man, age 74, called 911 to report "a suicide" yesterday, and horrifyingly, it turns out the suicide was his own. When the 911 dispatcher asked for more details about the suicide he was reporting, the man said, "Hold your ears" and then a gun went off.

When police arrived on the scene, they found the man dead, a .38-caliber pistol in his hand. There were also notes with funeral arrangements and wishes for his property.


In 2008, a report by the National Association of County & City Health Officials found Colorado Springs to have the second highest suicide rate in the nation -- second only to Las Vegas. The report found that 26 out of every 100,000 people in Colorado Springs killed themselves. Depression appeared to be a common factor, but in the case of this individual, illness or pain combined with depression may have played a big part. Police noted the man was being treated for several medical conditions.

Please remember depression can be treated, and in some cases, untreated depression can lead to suicide. If someone you love seems depressed or hopeless, hints they won't be around long, or isn't taking part in the activities they used to enjoy doing, consult his or her doctor for help immediately.


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bills... billsfan1104

I know 911 operators hear a lot of things, but this has to be just devastating. It would hurt me to the core, if I heard that. That poor man, who thought that he had no way out, that he had to go to this extreme. I knew how he felt. I suffer for depression, and I am so happy that I have friends and family that have took the time out to learn about my illness to know the signs when I get depressed. What people forget is that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Layla19 Layla19

Maybe it wasn't a temporary problem for him.  Maybe these illnesses were making life intolerable, and were incurable.  I believe in the right to end it if life is intolerable and you have no hope.  That said, he could have given all the information and hung up the phone so the operator didn't have to hear.  I witnessed a suicide, was the first on the scene, touched the dead body looking for a pulse, and it screwed me up.  If people are going to kill themselves, I think they should be a little more considerate.  I've been suicidal, but never had it arranged so a family member or hapless stranger would find me, only police who are paid for that sort of thing.

rebec... rebeccagrace11

Oh my gosh. I live in Colo Springs and I had no idea the suicide rate was so high here! That's terrible. Poor man...but I believe that no one has the right to take their own life, no matter what. Life is a gift from God and suicide is throwing it back in his face. That being said, I feel awful for him and his loved ones. 

nurse... nursesharon

Most people that are willing to commit suicide aren't in the right mind.  Given I have known ppl with family members that were ill and killed themselves, but if they are doing it b/c of a temporary problem, chances are that they aren't gonna be in the right mind to be considerate of others...And I know several police officers that have PTSD.  Just b/c they get paid to deal with these things doesn't make it any easier for them. 

nonmember avatar Diggs

Let's stop this kind of thing! There ARE alternatives. For example, check out Metro Crisis Line at 888-885-1222 Toll-free, statewide, professional, 24/, too, at

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