Frat Boys With Guns: Just What Arizona Needs


gunDid you ever see the "Bad Idea Jeans" skit on Saturday Night Live? You know, it's Mike Meyers, David Spade, and Phil Hartman sitting around at a park, all wearing the same jeans, and they keep spouting off bad idea after bad idea? Hence, "bad idea jeans." It's funny -- and ironic -- because all of the ideas are so bad you would never do them. For instance, Mike Meyers says, "I feel a lot better having a gun in the house now that I have kids."

See, that's funny! 'Cause it's such a bad idea! And it's exactly what I thought of when I heard Arizona just passed a law that would allow guns on school campuses. Supporters of the bill feel that a person's constitutional right to bear arms should not be taken away just because he or she is on a campus. I say, sure it should!

I know, yesterday I wrote about how gun laws probably don't make a difference -- in the event of a killing spree, like the one in Brazil. And I don't they would, because when someone opens fire in an elementary school, it's not a matter of whether or not they could get their hands on a gun, it's a matter of them not being well. But guns and drunk teenagers? Sure doesn't make sense to this gal.

I'm anti-gun. Plain and simple. I don't like 'em. I don't want to be near 'em. They freak me the eff out. But I do realize, more or less, that it is possible to use them in a "responsible" way. And that place is not on campuses. Because college kids aren't responsible. And I can say this with the utmost of certainty because I was there for four years. And so were all my friends. And I don't think I came across one person who never did something stupid during their higher education career. Falling down in public, waking up next to someone you don't want to wake up next to, saying things you should only think, trips to the emergency room -- these are things that happen when you mix parentless students and alcohol. Really think it's a good idea to throw guns into the mix?

Not to mention the church and state issue, if you will. Universities don't want guns on their campuses. Faculty groups at the state's three universities passed resolutions against the bill. Rep. Steve Farley mentioned how it's going to be harder to attract top-flight faculty and staff.

I don't believe this is a good move for us. I think it compromises the key core goal of our universities ... to have a free and unintimidating exchange of ideas.

Well said, Mr. Farley. 'Cause guns on campuses: Bad Idea Jeans.

What do you think about guns being allowed on campuses in Arizona?


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nonmember avatar Jarod

Ever think it's not the guns on campus that's the problem? Might be the alcohol (you know that drink that impairs peoples decision making ability and motor skills)? Just sayin' How many deaths related to alcohol in the USA today? How many related to guns?

PonyC... PonyChaser

"Because college kids aren't responsible."

Then why the heck are they allowed to be there? Why are they allowed to drive? Why are they allowed to join the military? Why are they allowed to hold jobs? When are they deemed "responsible"?

Those "irresponsible college kids" are allowed to own cars, which kill more people than guns do.

The way you present the issue simply isn't true: because of this law, every college kid is going to run out, buy a gun, get drunk, and shoot the place up. Those who legally own a gun *might* now put it in their car. Those who are responsible gun owners will recognize and respect the part of the law that says that you ca't bring it into a building.

So even if that psycho killer shows up with a gun, this law isn't going to do any good, is it? He (or she) isn't going to CARE if it's legal or not. That person will get their hands on a gun and enter a building (where those guns aren't allowed) and start shooting.

navyma23 navyma23

Imagine if a law abiding citizen with a concealed weapons permit was right there when VT happened. How many lives could've been saved instead of taken. Arizona has passed a law all states should pass. Don't like a gun fine, but I do, and it could very well save my life one day. 

Shanin22 Shanin22

As a college student in Arizona, I'm thrilled with the law. In 2002 we had a school shooting that left several dead. We've also had an appalling number of rapes and attacks on or near campus property. Why shouldn't I be able to protect myself? You think the only people on campus who want to carry a weapon are "irresponsible frat boys"? I'm a 24 year old mother of two who has been shooting for almost 20 years. I'm a responsible adult who knows how to properly and safely carry and use a firearm. Not only do I deserve the right protect myself but maybe one day I'll be able to protect my fellow classmates. I hope that day never comes.... but next time a crazy man comes shooting at my college, I want to be able to do more then hide under a desk and pray that my children don't lose their mother. 

nonmember avatar bob

I also understand that you are afraid of guns. My father was held up and killed by a drug addict in our own home when I was a boy. Since that day I have carried a gun lawfully everywhere I could. I have never harmed another person, or used it in any illegal manner, but it is my right to carry one to see that I am not murdered like my father was.

Holly Vanidevi Troy

and as the law is sitting on Jan Brewer's desk, here in Flagstaff, Arizona, just this weekend, an NAU frat house was shot up. Guns on campus - not a good idea.

Holly Vanidevi Troy

I can see the scenario where there is a shooting, and there are a bunch of people with guns not knowing who to shoot at, so they end up shooting one another. Or, the police arrive on the scene and just shoot whomever has a gun.

Tragic - but it would make good performance art.


nonmember avatar Alex

Mike Myers*

daisy... daisygirl913

More often than not crimes with guns are committed by illegally obtained guns and could be stopped if there were people able to legally carry them. No guns and alcohol don't mix, and when my friends who are avid marksmen know there will be enough alcohol to impair anyone they are locked up eliminating access to anyone but him, who if he's had enough alcohol that he shouldn't handle a fire he wouldn't be able to open the gun safe anyways.

Like a PP said, if someone was legally carrying a gun in the VT shooting there may have been a lot less bloodshed.

Laws only stop those who abide by them, those preforming criminal acts, are criminals therefore not law abiders!

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