Legislator Supports Indiana Abortion Law Because 'Women Lie'


Eric TurnerWell, we can add Eric Turner to the list of state legislators who will never know what women want. As Indiana legislators debate an abortion law that would make the procedure illegal past the 20-week mark, the topic of rape and incest came up as someone tried to remind the old boys' club that women aren't just running off for an abortion because "oh, well, the sky is blue today, so why the heck not have an abortion?"

Some legislators want to give women four more weeks to determine if they want an abortion based on rape or incest, extending that legal mark to 24 weeks. But apparently reality doesn't sit well with Turner. Because the state representative, a Republican (surprise, surprise), decided that giving women a little more leeway in cases of rape and incest is a BAD idea. Why? Because they'll lie! Oh, those she-devils!

In an insult to anyone with ovaries, Turner got up on the floor this week to decry the problem with ignoring the (completely unscientific) idea that a fetus feels pain at 20 weeks and giving women a little more time to think about whether or not they want to abort:

I just want you to think about this, in my view, giant loophole that could be created where someone who could -- now I want to be careful, I don't want to disparage in any way someone who has gone through the experience of a rape or incest -- but someone who is desirous of an abortion could simply say that they've been raped or there's incest.

It's a disturbing peek into the mind of a man who is trying to legislate away a woman's right to choose. He's supposed to represent his female constituents, while he's voicing, in a public forum, that he thinks they're a bunch of dirty, stinkin' filthy liars. I wish I could say the video of him on the floor came from 1950, but no. Check it out for yourself, circa 2011:

Ironic coming from a guy who supports an amendment that will require doctors to LIE to their patients, isn't? After all, the Indiana proposal will require doctors to tell their patients that "human life begins at conception" and "the fetus can feel pain at or before 20 weeks." But scientists say that's not true at all, holding "that fetuses are unlikely to be able to feel pain before 26 weeks." Soooo, it's only the people with a uterus who lie, huh?

Of course, we could clear this up for Mr. Turner pretty quickly. If he's so worried about loopholes, there's a simple way to avoid them. Give women their legal right to an abortion, and they won't have to lie about it.

What do you think of Eric Turner's statements?


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aubre... aubrey_clair

If life doesn't begin at conception, when does it begin?


extended 4 more weeks is crazy!

Emera... Emerald_storm01

I would not support this law at all.  I am all for women's right to choose, don't get me wrong.  But when my daughter was born 6 weeks early and spent the first 6 weeks of her life in the NICU, the nurses there lifted my spirits by telling me about and showing me (grown to adult) pictures of babies she had helped to take care of that had been born at 23 weeks.  Those babies were born, survived, grew into adulthood and had children of their own.  In my opinion, life begins once a fetus could survive outside the womb with medical help.

Emera... Emerald_storm01

Abortion at 24 weeks would absolutely be killing a child, IMO.

AngiDas AngiDas

Screw that guy! Has he ever been a victim of rape ot incest? F HIM!angry

1lilm... 1lilmiracle

i have been the victim of both rape and incest i know the pain that it caused but had a pregnancy resulted no i would not of aborted jmo

butte... butterflymkm

I too believe that by 20 weeks (asaumig the womans life isn't in danger or the fetus isn't grossly deformed) a woman should have made up her mind. But this guy who has never had a uterus should probably stay out of other peoples.

jagam... jagamama0710

I am pro-choice to a point. If you're going to have an abortion, you better do it asap. You don't wait around for 20 weeks. You CERTAINLY do not wait around til 24 weeks. It does NOT take a person this long to make a decision. So, no, I do not agree with extending it to 24 weeks at all. Babies have been born earlier than that and survived.

nonmember avatar ambet

I love this website. I am not a mother but find all the varying topics of This website relevant to my life, my interests and my beliefs. I am pro choice and want to thank you for being brave with your beliefs.

gbmom1 gbmom1

Now, his so-called reasoning for not extending the allowable time to decide is crap. Totally illogical argument. 

However - life begins at conception. And 24 weeks is way too long. I think it should be less than 20, personally. A beating heart = life.

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