Paul Allen Trashes Bill Gates: Who's the Real Bad Guy?

bill gatesIt takes a bold man to bash Bill Gates. I mean, dude is powerful. You don't want to mess with him, right? Well, unless you're Paul Allen writing a memoir, bashing him, you don't.

Paul Allen, co-founder of a little company called Microsoft (and in his younger days Zach Galifianakis doppelganger), recently released a book, Idea Man: A Memoir by the Co-founder of Microsoft, which, you guessed it, covers the early days of Microsoft. Oh, and what a colossal jerk Bill Gates is. (To him, at least.) Not what you'd expect from a crazy rich genius, right? Seems more like something a washed-up actress or jilted lover would write. Seems like something that would more aptly be called Sour Grapes.


Vanity Fair recently released an excerpt, and let me tell you, Paul is more jealous of Bill than Paris is of Kim (bet you never thought you'd hear that comparison, Paul). Here are three shockers from the book:

  • Gates plotted against Paul when he had cancer. Yikes. Allen says that after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1982, and had to undergo grueling treatments, he overheard Bill talking to people about how Allen wasn't pulling his weight in the company. If that's true, damn, Bill, that's cold.
  • Gates was the crappiest of bosses. Allen talks about how Gates thought it was unreasonable for a programmer to request a day off after working 81 hours in four days. Allen says that Gates also insulted the employees, saying things like, "That's the stupidest f---ing thing I've ever heard." That doesn't sound very nice.
  • Gates cheated Allen out of his fair share. Well, we all knew this one was coming. Paul says that when it was time to figure out the terms of their partnership, he wanted 50-50 (obviously), but Gates wanted 60-40, because he felt that he had done more work. 

Well, as awful as Allen makes Gates sound, he's the one who looks bad to this gal. Allen is an incredibly rich man, which in and of itself makes it hard to feel bad for him, but he's really just coming off like a bitter ex-employee -- who wants to sell this book.

What do you think of Paul Allen's jabs at Bill Gates?


Image via jurvetson/Flickr

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