New Arizona Abortion Law Will Police Women's Thoughts


the thinkerArizona has officially become the first state in the nation to make thinking illegal. At least when it comes to abortion. Governor Jan Brewer has signed a new law that will make abortion illegal if it's being done based on the sex or race of a fetus.

Whoo boy. Where to begin with this one Arizona? Let's face it. Pro-choice or anti-choice, we can agree that the concept of sex-based or race-based abortions is bad. The first swings awfully close to China with its one-child policy and its preference for baby boys. The latter is a disturbing form of racism: what kind of woman is comfortable having sex with a man of another race but won't go so far as carrying his child because of said race?

But there's something in America called freedom of speech. And with it comes freedom of thought. With this law, Arizona is ignoring both.

Speech and thought aren't always pretty. They're not always agreeable. It's disturbing to think your next door neighbor may be a racist or misogynist. But our Constitution holds that he can be, and there's nothing you can do about it. Because once he gives up the freedom, you would have to give up yours to disagree with him.

We must protect the disagreeable to protect the agreeable. And so it is in the case of abortion.

Our Constitution has also been determined by the Supreme Court in the case of Roe v. Wade to protect a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body. She has the right to an abortion -- for whatever reason she determines necessary. It can be an awful trauma like rape. A terrible predicament like a broken condom and the utter inability to afford a baby right now. Or it can be because she is a racist moron who slept with a black man and can't bear to think of presenting her mixed race baby to her parents.

As they say, her body, her choice. That's the whole argument behind legal abortion, but Arizona wants to have it both ways. They'll pretend it's her choice. But it's really the government's. By moving in on two of those choices, Arizona isn't rooting out misogyny and racism. It's sneaking into a woman's mind and telling her that she can't think her own thoughts. It's putting into question a woman's motives for her own body. It's a dangerous precipice.

Because what comes next? It wasn't really rape because somewhere in the back of her mind her pleasure centers erupted and she actually felt something good? Or she doesn't deserve an abortion because at one time she thought she'd have a baby by 28, and here she is, 29 and trying to get rid of a fetus?

As long as a woman can legally get an abortion, the government has no business marching into her brain and asking her why. It's a legal abortion. Period.

What do you think of this law?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Where to begin with those one Arizona?

mommix4 mommix4

I love my state!

butte... butterflymkm

Uh how are they goig to know why a woman is getting an abortion? Unless there is a mindreader there, wouldn't the pregnant woman just lie and say it's for another reason? This law just doesn't make any sense whether your prochoice or not. Seems like a stupid waste orlf resources to me.

nonmember avatar Anon

I just don't know what to say to you. You seem to be on a lifelong crusade to ensure as many dead babies as possible, no matter how ridiculous the argument. Since you think racial selection is OK in the womb, I assume you also think it's OK on buses, in schools, restaurants, medical facilities, etc., etc. Oh yeah, I forgot, an unborn baby is just a booger with a heartbeat. BTW, that is NOT what RvW says, and you might want to read RvW someday, since you are so fond of referencing it.

nonmember avatar Anon

Butterflymkm, I haven't read this law, but I'm told that in India (where they also favor boys), it is illegal to get an ultrasound for the purpose of determining sex before the gestational age at which abortion is no longer legal. Otherwise folks were going in for an ultrasound, and deciding then and there to kill the baby if it was a girl. On the race thing, I don't know how they would do that.

Shanin22 Shanin22

I'm normally a proud Arizonan... but not today.You're right Jeanne, you can't have it both ways. And this does open a scary door to judgement of a woman's motive for an abortion. By our own laws a woman has a right to choose an abortion for whatever reason she deems necessary. Having to "prove" it's a good enough reason to the government is an infringement on her rights.

Obviously everyone will just lie if they want an abortion for either of these reasons. But this law could become a very disturbing trend and who knows where it will end.

Christeen Conrad

Before long there will be no rights at all in Arizona. It's funny because people singing how they love Arizona because it doesn't effect them....yet.  Good luck with that!

nonmember avatar reality check

Well, I guess we shouldn't legislate prevention of cannibalism too because some people think that's an okay thing too - we should give them that freedom. For freedom's sake!

elfis... elfishpirat

Well, I can kind of understand this. There was an Australian couple who lost their baby girl to SIDS, so they decided to replace her. They were pregnant with healthy twin boys and decided to abort them because they were boys. That is horrendously wrong.

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