Mega Millions $312 Million Winner Is Out There, Somewhere


Mega MillionsLast night someone won the Mega Millions lottery. The jackpot: $312 million. That's right, someone this morning is out there, just having won 312 million smackeroos. THAT is some serious cash. If only I had been in Albany, New York. 

The winner -- a single individual -- is said to have purchased the winning ticket at Coulson's News Central in Albany. The Mega Millions winning numbers were: 22, 24, 31, 52 and 54, with a mega ball of 4. No one has come forward to claim it yet. Someone out there may be walking around, having their morning coffee, not even knowing of their freakishly enormous wealth yet. Attention people of Albany: Check your Mega Millions tickets! Feel to slide me a bonus for letting you know if you're reading.

I don't typically buy lottery tickets, but my husband does here and there. The thing is, it takes forever for him to check them so I can imagine us being those people who take forever to come forward or (gasp!) miss the deadline for claiming the cash.

The tickets sit in this wooden box where we keep keys and wallets and the like, and then once every month or two he sits down at the computer and checks them all, as I sit with at least a small glimmer of hope and plans of what we'll do when we win. I would never win the lottery, but my husband is a lucky guy, so I wouldn't be surprised if he did. Here's my plan as to what we'd do if we win (doesn't everyone have one of these?):

Go on vacation. A long, leisurely trip, overseas, perhaps Italy and Greece, and we'd take our entire families so we had some time to soak up and absorb just how much money we'd have.

Donate Find some people who really need help and do some good with it. If you win mega dough, paying some of it forward seems mandatory.

Buy new cars We could use them, nothing fancy. Well, my husband would want fancy -- fine. I'd just take a nice Honda Pilot or something bigger than my sedan.

Pay off some bills Finally get rid of graduate school loans! No mortgage would be nice too, and the kids' college funds would be set (hallelujah!).

And .... that's about all I can think of for the most part. We have a house and neighborhood I love, and moving is such a pain. I don't need a mansion anyway. A small shopping spree would be nice, but one can only wear so many clothes and shoes. Besides, I go to baseball games, preschool parties, and the market. I don't have anywhere to wear designer gowns anyway.

Really, what does one do with that much money for anyway? I'm sure I'd figure it out (as I lay on my yacht somewhere?) but for now, I'm okay that someone up in Albany is going to have to figure it out.

What would you do if you won $312 million?

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butte... butterflymkm

I wish it was me :( I would buy a house and set up a college fund for DD and pay off all of our debt.

AngiDas AngiDas

I would do what you would do. i would set up a nice life for my family. Nothing crazy,just easier. I would also donate to local charities that benefit my city.

nonmember avatar Sydneygirl

The thing about a jackpot that big is it would actually be really stressful I think. I mean can you imagine you bank when you suddenly deposited all that money :) I would pay bills, donate etc as you all have said but I'd hire someone fast to help me figure out how to manage and do all that because I think it would be a bit overwhelming and scary (and I am a professional etc...). Just my 2 cents. Like your blog

Dwight Goehagen

WHO every YOU r please help japan FIRST then your family GOD BLESS YOU AS HIS OWN FOR SURE LOVE YOU

Mandie Murphy Benegasi

I would pay my house off and get started on baby number two! I wouldn't have to stress over bills and be able to have the 4 children I always dreamed of and be a stay at home mom.

Jenni... Jennifer_236

I would buy  a house and two cars. and save the money

Proud... ProudSingleMum

First thing I would do, is move....I love my house...I do have another reason for moving, but the main one would be...I'd go where no one knew I had won...cause people will hound the crap out of you. And if I'm going to give my $$ away, it isn't going to be to the same people that I've listened to for years telling me how they dont have money cause they blow it...I'll give to someone who NEEDS it.

Rose-marie Rhéaume-Gaudet Gravelle

It would be so nice to be able to help out people who really need it.I would be afraid to win a huge amount like that,i would be worried about my children being kidnapped,there are so many crazies in this world.

Catherine Brody

If that was me AI would pay off the bills, get both cars fixed, and spoil the hell out of my daughter...course also making sure some money gets put up.

081109 081109

Buy a house, college fund for the kids, a good amount in savings and investments, hubby would stop working, and we'd both get new cars (mine is okay but nothing special or even new and hubby doesn't have one at all).

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