Japan Earthquake Fulfills Scary Ancient Prophecy & I'm Freaked

mayan calendarWe're all watching the news from Japan. The earthquake that struck Japan with such force measured 8.9 -- the fifth strongest ever recorded in the world. The resulting tsunami that's destroyed everything in its path is unbelievable. It is devastating. The waves have reached Hawaii and are heading for the West Coast as I type. Number of deaths and the impact of this event won't be realized for weeks, months, even years.

The footage looks like it's straight from a Michael Bay apocalyptic disaster movie about the end of the world. (I know, sorry. That R.E.M. song is stuck in my brain now too.) Folks, this isn't a movie, but it may very well be the beginning of the end according to the Mayan calendar.

I'm reading about their prophecies. I'm freaking out. It's just eerie. Just too many things are lining up that indicate they may be right.


According to many scholars, the Mayans used the movement of the cosmos as indicators of what's going to happen to us here on Earth. They created calendars based on these celestial calculations and came up with five cycles from the beginning of the world through to the end.

Fine and dandy, right? No biggie shakes, you may say. Wait! According to the Mayans, we are in the fifth and final cycle. The first cycle was ended by a jaguar eating everyone on Earth, second cycle ended in air, the third cycle was completed with fire, the fourth in flood. And the fifth cycle, the final cycle, the one we are in right now? Our world will be destroyed by earthquakes.

Yeah. Earthquakes. Okay, I wasn't quite in full freak mode, but it did make me pause, gave me a few goosebumps.

But, not only are there five cycles, the Mayans broke down time into nine phases of consciousness for our world. Everything from the first "Cellular" phase that was based on action and reaction to the "Cultural" phase that emphasized reason to the "Galactic" phase that focused on ethics.

We are in the ninth and last phase. The "Unity" phase. The phase that will bring about co-creation. This last phase started March 9, 2011. Yes, this last phase of the world literally started Wednesday ... and this unbelievable disaster happened Thursday. The very next day. 

I know!! Is your hair standing up on your arms, too? One odd similarity I can chalk up to being a co-inky-dink. But two is one too many. This freaked-out mama is starting to think the Mayans may be right. 

Do you believe in the Mayan prophecies?


Image via mike 23/Flickr

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