Japan Devastated by Earthquake: This Is What the Apocalypse Looks Like (VIDEOS)


An 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan at 2:46 local time, triggering tsunamis in the country and warnings to at least 50 others, including the US, specifically Hawaii and California.

Described by CNN as "the most powerful earthquake to hit Japan in at least 100 years," the casualty list was first counted at 50 but was already growing with many, many more likely to come. Tsunamis swallowed cars, the shaking rattled shelves and knocked things down in homes, and many more casualties are expected.

The video footage shot during the quake shows some of the tsunamis that swept across fields and airports, dragging cars and homes and drowning animals and people. There's also some from inside stores and on the roads. It's more terrifying than any horror movie and my heart goes out to the people of Japan.

Here are some of the terrifying and moving videos:

This aerial footage gives a good sense of just why a tsunami is so devastating. The water pushes its way across the land, taking houses and barns and covering everything in its path. The footage is from a town called Sendai in Japan where the Kyodo news agency reports between 200 to 300 bodies have been found. The video:

This footage shows the inside of a grocery store. It's unclear whether some of the people are bracing themselves from aftershocks or trying to restock the shelves, but it's a testament to the Japanese infrastructure. The video:

This footage is easily the most frightening and comes from CNN. These cars must have fallen off a bridge and are just being swept away. It's horrifying to think what might have happened to the drivers or passengers. The video:

This video shows a tsunami wash over an airport:

It's just terrifying to think of what the people of Japan are experiencing right now. My heart goes out to all of them.

Did you watch the videos?


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momsa... momsangel143

I live in Southern California been in many earthquakes. I was 14 during the Northridge quake. I can say I am used to them, but then I see this type of stuff in the news and it makes my heart drop! I am praying for these families and well the entire country! I am lucky I live in a place that builds with earthquake safety in mind. I just hope this country did as well, so many more lives can be saved.

Lauri... Laurieanne42

Almost seems surreal! Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who's lives have been hit by this devastation.

irock... irocksocks

I hope everyone is ok. My cousin lives there and she is fine, but so many others are going to be affected by this

morga... morgansmommy06

Oh my goodness!  All my thoughts and prayers goes out to the people of Japan and all the families that have lost loved one!  :*( 

screamingim sorryprayinghugs

mamao... mamaof4toddlers

I live in central california but lived in san jose my whole life i was 6 when the 87 san francisco  earthquake hit  and it did alot of damage to sf  and i pretty much have gotten used to the earthquakes like momsangel143. But My heart goes out to them cause i know what damage an earthquake can cause and you can never really be too prepared as you never know when they will hit. 

jcribb16 jcribb16

That is scary - there is no telling what they are really dealing with.  My prayers go out to all of them in Japan.


luvmy... luvmybaby

Just so sad. My prayers go out to all involved.

Sammi... SammiBaby

Words can't even fully describe how terrified they must be right now. It's sad and I am seriously praying for these people. At this point it doesn't seem as if there is much more that you can really do. An earthquake is one thing but I can not even imagine how horrifying experiencing a tsunami must be.

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