Yellow Sac Spider Causes Horrifying Recall


The yellow sac spider will be featuring heavily in my nightmares tonight, I can assure you. File this under you can't make this stuff up. Mazda is issuing a recall because spiders (YES, SPIDERS) have crawled into as many as 52,000 2009-2010 Mazda 6s.

Dear God, I seriously almost passed out just typing those words. Once inside the charcoal evaporative canisterthey can spin webs inside the vent line, which block airflow and decrease overall performance in the car.

According to Mazda, the spiders (dear God, the SPIDERS) haven't caused any fires or any other casualties, so far. But recalled cars will have a spring valve installed to prevent the spiders from getting into the vent line. As a remedy, Mazda dealers will inspect and clean the canister line and install a spring to prevent spider infestation.

First there were snakes on a plane ... now spiders in your car. Honestly, I would blow up my car before I would ride in it again after this. To make matters worse, these aren't run of the mill, casual spiders. In fact, these are biting spiders.

OK, so all spiders bite. But these are venomous and, though not fatal, are usually quite painful. A person usually develops redness, swelling, and itching near the site of the bite -- somewhat akin to a wasp sting. Their bites are often misdiagnosed as brown recluse bites.

Can you imagine if you had a colony of these in your car? OK, stop imagining that. It's too horrifying.

Apparently, this isn't the first time that spiders have caused problems for consumers. They can also crawl into the canisters on gas grills and obstruct the flow there, too. They crawl in, spin webs, build nests, and lay eggs in the grill's gas, which can cause the backed-up heat to "flashback," possibly severely injuring people. 

Mazda isn't sure how the spiders entered the cars, according to the LA Times and Jeremy Barnes, a spokesman for Mazda North American Operations:

We really don't know how they're getting in. I'd think it would be pretty tricky, but spiders are resourceful.

His best guess was that the freaky crawlies are slipping in behind the gas cap and then sneaking down the hose. Shudder.

So, they bite and destroy cars and grills. Will they stop at nothing? I'm not sure I will sleep tonight after reading this story. Did I mention I have a Mazda? Mine is a 5, but seriously, who is counting. All I know is I want my blankie and a glass of wine to make it all go away.

If you are on this recall list ... pray. It's all that's left ... just kidding. Actually, you should wait for your letter. Letters will be mailed to owners of affected vehicles beginning at the end of this month. And if you see a burning car somewhere on the East Coast, you'll know I got one.

Does this terrify you?


Image via Eran Finkle/Flickr


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Rnae1 Rnae1

*Shudder*   That's all there is to say.

foxyb... foxyboxer12182

I'd never get in my car again. Ever.

jacki... jackiesmom72

I'm with foxy.  I'd have to sell it and buy a new one.  This makes me hesitate to get in my car and I don't even own a Mazda!

sassy... sassykat122

Seeing as I have major issues with spiders I couldn't bring myself to read the whole article or I would have been feeling the creepy crawlies just thinking about it!

nonmember avatar Dana Evans

Imagine my surprise when I found a mouse sitting on the foot area of a baby carrier strapped into the seat next to me while I was driving down the road. It was actually cute, sitting up eating a piece of crumb in its little hands. Two had gotten into my truck when I had removed the seat to clean it (I left the seat unattended outside over night, dumb I know, and the mice had crawled into the foam of the seat). The other poor mouse found its fate inside the A/C fan motor (found it after hearing the fan motor make a huge clunking noise). Point is, stay calm, don't wreck your car. Critters are always more scared of humans than we are of them, believe it or not.

daisy... daisygirl913

I'm the resident spider killer in our house... actually I just killed one this morning while getting ready for work. I reached for my facecloth, saw him, let him sit while I washed my face and dryed my hands, then grabbed a box from the counter knocked him on the floor and stepped on him.  I was in a rush so I told the next person going in to pick it up and throw it away... no screaming, no freaking out. My mother on the other hand will wake me from a dead sleep to kill what she thinks might be a spider... usually its just a web!

Summer Scheifer

i don't even own a Mazda and ill never will. how sad that they destroy those grills and cars. if just they done that and was hoping not, you just need to buy a new one at online auto parts stores. i was thinking if i want car after i read this one.

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