Jean & Scott Adam Remind Us of Real-Life Pirate Dangers

yachtJean and Scott Adam were out to do good by distributing Bibles around the world aboard their yacht, the S/V Quest. Hopefully God is with them now as they and  two other Americans, who have not yet been identified, were aboard the boat when it was hijacked by Somali pirates.

I can't imagine the fear these people must be experiencing -- to be sailing along on the open sea when suddenly pirates -- real-life pirates -- take over. Their website portrays a couple with a deep faith that hopefully is comforting to them now as they're being subjected to unknown treatment by these criminals that are much more dangerous than any of the cartoon characters most of us think of when it comes to pirates.


The couple started their around-the-world journey in 2004. Their mission according to their Website:

To allow the power of the Word to transform lives. We seek fertile ground for the Word and homes for our Bibles.

But while they're mission be one of good, you have to question why they were where they were in the first place. The waters through which they were sailing are notoriously infested by pirates. According to ABC, Somali pirates currently are holding 660 people and  29 ships hostage. It's thought this most-recent hijacking could be in retaliation for the 30-year sentence handed down earlier this week to Somali pirate Abdiwali Abdiqadir Muse, who hijacked an American cargo ship in 2009.

Did they have this knowledge? Or were they willing to be martyrs for the cause? Right now there are many more questions than answers.

The U.S. military is prepared to intervene if necessary, according to CNN, but at this point they're just monitoring the situation. 

The last update to the couple's travel log was posted by Jean on December 21, 2010: "Because life on a moving boat is unpredictable we expect this trip to hold some unexpected surprises!" Unfortunately, this wasn't the kind of surprise anyone could have anticipated. Best wishes to the couple and the others aboard for their safety.

Image via yachtfan/Flickr

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