Serene Branson Video Is More Appalling Than Funny

serene bransonAfter seeing countless Twitter feeds mocking CBS reporter Serene Branson for speaking "utter gibberish" and "drunkenly flubbing the intro" after the Grammy Awards, I expected the accompanying viral video to be downright comedic.

But was I ever wrong.

In fact, it's one of the more upsetting things I've watched in a long time. Then this morning we learned that Branson was taken to the hospital immediately after the broadcast, and that she may have even had a stroke. It's hardly a laughing matter ...

What in the world is wrong with you people on Twitter?


In the video, Branson was broadcasting live in Los Angeles for CBS 2 News when she began slurring her speech, "Well, a very, very heavy burtation tonight ..." Her words became incomprehensible and then the video cut away.

Many people who saw it, for some reason, thought it was "hilarious" and were quick to blame alcohol for the twice Emmy-nominated reporter's flub. But I think it's painful -- look how she starts to panic when she can't get her words out! Apparently, there's an indistinguishable line between serious health issues and being over-served. How could something so truly awful "make my day," as many people posted on Twitter?

See, that's one of the dangers of social media: In our haste to broadcast to the world each and every thought running through our heads, we sometimes forget to ponder whether it might be coming off as heartless and insensitive. In this case, the rush to alert our millions of followers about something truly "hilarious" evidently backfired. If ever there was a lesson to think before we tweet, this might just be it.

Our thoughts are with Serene Branson, and we hope she has a speedy recovery.

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