Christopher Lee Enters Sex Scandal Hall of Shame

collageCongressman Christopher Lee was thoroughly inspired by our forefathers. Not exactly the ones who wrote the Constitution, but those who came before Lee and paved the way for a good old-fashioned political sex scandal.

Chris Lee is following in the footsteps of some of the greats like Clinton, Craig, and Spitzer.

If only there was a way to compile our most famous sex-scandal-having, toe-licking, video-taping, self-destructing politicians into one list. Can it be done?

Yes, yes it can. With photos, too!


Let's start with Slick Willy. He allegedly had sexual-relations with Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, and of course, Monica Lewinsky.

bill clinton








And Eliot Spitzer. He is probably the ugliest of the bunch, which is why he had to pay to get some bootay. Spitzer frequented high-end hooker, Ashley Dupre, while Governor of New York.

elliot spitzer

Rep. Mark Foley and his naughty text messages got him in trouble when the inappropriate love notes to congressional male pages were discovered in 2006. Oops!

mark foley











Who could forget Sen. Larry Craig, who in 2007 was arrested for disorderly conduct in the Minneapolis airport. You remember: the foot touch and the hand waving he did underneath stall doors was allegedly a ritual for men picking up men.

larry craig











Governor of Buenos Aires, I mean South Carolina, Mark Sanford, got his hand caught in the cookie jar when, instead of hiking the Appalachian Trail, he went down to Argentina to visit his lover. Que horror!

mark sanford








Surprised to see Al Gore on our list? Between inventing the Internet and discovering Global Warming, the former Vice President found time to have extramarital affairs, prompting the end of his 40-year marriage with wife, Tipper. In 2006 he was accused of making sexual advances on a hotel masseuse, including forcing an open mouth kiss. Eew.

Al Gore












And last but not least, Mr. Christopher Lee is the newest member of our list. It was uncovered yesterday, February 9, that Lee had sent shirtless photos of himself when answering a personal ad on Craigslist. Don't think his wife was psyched about that one.

christopher lee









Is there anyone I left off the list?

From top to bottom: photos via sharedferret/Flickr, Red Carlisle/Flickr, Paul Hawthorne/Getty, mugs99/Flickr, Charslton's TheDigitel/Flickr, simone.brunozzi/Flickr, Gawker

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