Michelle Obama Fights the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
First Lady Michelle Obama has a problem with fat kids. More specifically, she doesn’t like childhood obesity. Last year she launched the Let’s Move campaign, with the goal of ending childhood obesity in a generation. After all, it is a national security risk (insert eye roll here).

Lady Michelle promoted legislation to overhaul school lunches, which her husband signed into law at the risk of sleeping on the couch. She’s constantly on my TV when my kids are watching their shows, encouraging young viewers to get active. She even slips into her $495 Tory Burch boots to do some organic gardening at the White House.


Most recently, Mrs. Obama has been talking with the National Restaurant Association about providing smaller portions and healthier options on the kids' menu. She must know better than restaurateurs how to run their businesses. 

Noting that research has shown that children consume more saturated fat and less fiber and calcium when they eat out, Obama has challenged restaurant owners to change their menus, recipes, and marketing practices to "give parents the confidence to know that they can go into any restaurant in this country and choose a genuinely healthy meal for their kids."

Thank goodness for the First Lady, without whom I might not have known that feeding my kids cheeseburgers and sugared sodas on a regular basis could lead to unnecessary weight gain. I was just flailing my arms in despair over being forced to take my family to Pizza Hut every night to order them three ‘meat lovers’ slices each.

This is incredibly insulting to parents. Newsflash to the government: Changing menus is not going to slenderize America. People who eat 5,000 calories a day and feed their kids three scoops of ice cream nightly are going to keep doing that. People who lead active and healthy lifestyles will continue to seek out nutritious restaurant options -- or cook at home with ingredients from the farmers' market.

The idea that restaurant menus are behind the obesity epidemic is like saying spoons make people fat or selling gun parts on eBay kills people. Michelle Obama could better spend her time campaigning to get the water turned back on in California, so farmers could get back to work growing all of that healthy food she’s so keen on feeding us.


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