Gun Show Lawlessness in Arizona Exposed

arizona gun lawsMove over Governor Brewer, there's a new law enforcer in Arizona trying to whip your state into shape. His name is Bloomberg, and he may be small in stature, but he's huge in kicking ass and taking names. Perhaps you noticed his investigative team at a recent gun show in Phoenix, where again and again they were able to buy semiautomatic weapons thanks to the gun show loophole, and unethical sellers who were only interested in making a buck.

I'm sure it was embarrassing to have a Yankee come into town and shine a light on the dysfunction in Arizona. But why does it take a mayor from New York City to expose the gun problems in a state where one of the most heinous gun crimes in our nation's history just took place? 


Mayor Mike has been touting enforcement of gun laws that are already on the books for some time, and this investigation he presented to Congress today illustrates the problem. While private sellers are not required to do a background check (which is ridiculous), they are required to bar any seller they have "reason to believe" is not allowed to purchase a firearm. Bloomberg's team made it easy for the sellers at the gun show to have reason to believe, as they made comments about how they "probably couldn't pass a background check anyway." Even after saying those words, his investigators were able to walk away with a Glock 9mm, which was Jared Loughner's weapon of choice. Disturbing.

Sellers repeatedly handed over weapons to people without any knowledge of their criminal background or mental health. Is that the kind of lax gun safety we want in America? Would you want your local crazy to be armed? Mayor Bloomberg isn't even arguing for tougher laws, just to get background checks up to speed, and to close loopholes that allow private sellers to hand over a semiautomatic weapon to any criminal or mentally ill person in your neighborhood. How can any sane person argue with that?

If the people of Arizona don't want a New York City mayor highlighting the gun problem that currently exists, someone else needs to step up before another tragedy rocks The Grand Canyon State.

Are you surprised at what the investigative team found in Arizona?


Image via M Glasgow/Flickr

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