64 Reasons Green Bay Rules

cheeseheadsA week from today, we'll know the winner of Super Bowl XLV. But for the next six days, we'll have to wait with bated cheese-dip breath for the big game, planning our game-time meal and taunting those co-workers cheering for the other team. Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who will it be?

I'm going for Green Bay. Not only are the uniforms the best looking in the NFL (that is fact, I say), the Packers are a team of heart, cheeseheads, and tradition. And so is their city! Green Bay, Wisconsin is tops, and I'm here to list just 64 of the reasons why.

  1. Green Bay is one of America's oldest settlements. French explorer Jean Nicolet founded the city in 1634.
  2. Before being called Green Bay, the city had a less flattering name: Le Baye des Paunts, French for the Stinking Bay. 
  3. It wasn't until 1783, when the British settlers outnumbered the French, that the name was changed to Green Bay and the city became part of the U.S.A. 
  4. It's greatly debated what "Wisconsin" means, and theories range from "grassy place" to "muskrat house."
  5. While the city started as a small fur trading post, one of the main industries now is paper production. (Paper, I hear, is that stuff people used to use before email.)
  6. Green Bay is the "Toilet Paper Capital of the World" -- it's where the first splinter-free roll was produced. Thanks,GB!
  7. The city is also nicknamed "Titletown" -- the Packers have won 12 national titles.
  8. They've won nine NFL championships before the Super Bowl existed.
  9. And three Super Bowl trophies in 1967, 1968, and 1996.
  10. The Packers have played the Steelers and lead the all-time series, 18-14.
  11. Since 2006, the Packers are the only team to have appeared in the NFC championship twice.
  12. The Fox river, which cuts through Green Bay, is one of the few rivers in the world that runs north.
  13. Green Bay is by far the smallest town with an NFL team. The population is just over 101,000 people. 
  14. The city ranks 268th on the list of America's most populated cities
  15. It's just 54.3 square miles.
  16. It takes the average Green Bay resident 18 minutes to get to work, compared to the 25-minute national average.
  17. There's a reason the team hasn't been moved to a bigger city: the franchise is owned by the fans, or over 100,000 share-holders.
  18. It's the only team in any major league sports to have this kind of ownership.
  19. Share-holders get voting rights, but not much else. The redemption value is non-existent, no dividends are ever paid, and the stock will never increase in price.
  20. If the Packers are ever sold, all of the profits would go to charity. The fan-owned concept is one of the reasons the team has such die-hard followers!
  21. One of the Packer's first equipment managers designed the "G" logo, but it doesn't stand for Green Bay, it stands for "Greatness."
  22. Earl "Curly" Lambeau and George Whitney Calhoun, two high school football rivals, founded the Packers in 1919.
  23. They borrowed money from Curly's employer, the Indian Packing Company, to buy uniforms.
  24. The Green Bay Packers is the oldest-team name still in use in the NFL.
  25. Lambeau field has 72,928 seats. 
  26. And every game has been sold out since 1960.
  27. There are about 78,000 people on the waiting list for season tickets!
  28. Vince Lombardi, for which the Super Bowl trophy is named, was the head coach of the Packers from 1959 to 1967.
  29. Lombardi coached the Packers in one of the most famous games in NFL history against the Dallas Cowboys on New Year's Eve, 1967. Dubbed the Ice Bowl, the temperature at kick-off was -13 degrees.
  30. The Packers have had 13 coaches in the 20th century.
  31. Aaron Rodgers, the Packer's current QB, is the only quarterback in history to have thrown for two 4,0000-plus yards in his first two years as a starter.
  32. He's got the best passing record in the regular season, and the lowest interception percentage, as well. 
  33. Aaron Rodgers was born in Chico, California, but Aaron Stecker was born in Green Bay and played for the New Orleans Saints.
  34. Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, was also born in Green Bay.
  35. So was actor Tony Shalhoub (Monk).
  36. "Red" Smith, a famous Pulitzer Prize-winning sports writer, grew up in Green Bay.
  37. Green Bay's tornado activity is 28% greater than the national average.
  38. There are six colleges/universities in Green Bay, the largest being the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay with about 4,800 students.
  39. The racial make-up of the city is about 86% white, 3% Native American, 4% Asian, and 1% African American.
  40. Thirty-five percent of Green Bay residents have German ancestry.
  41. The median household income is $40,857.
  42. The average home price is $129,800.
  43. Like Wisconsin cheese? The fertile land is to thank! The rolling pastures are ideal for dairy farms.
  44. In 1859, Hiram Smith founded the first full-scale cheese factory. 
  45. The University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture added its first course in cheese-making in 1886.
  46. By 1922, over 2,800 cheese factories existed in Wisconsin.
  47. And by 1945, Wisconsin was producing 515 million pounds of cheese a year.
  48. Today there are over 13,000 dairy farms producing over 2.6 billion pounds of cheese a year!
  49. That's about 26% of our national cheese production.
  50. "Cheesehead" started as a disparaging nickname used for people from Wisconsin.
  51. It was likely that the Illinois sports fan coined the term to taunt teams from Wisconsin.
  52. People from Wisconsin quickly fell in love with the moniker and it has become a term of endearment and pride for Wisconsinites.
  53. The first cheesehead hat was worn at a baseball game, the Milwaukee Brewers vs. the Chicago White Sox, in 1987.
  54. It was created by Ralph Bruno, and he got the idea for the hat while upholstering his mother's couch!
  55. "I cut out a piece of the cushion from the couch, burnt some holes in it and painted it to look like a big piece of cheddar cheese," said Bruno.
  56. Bruno started a grassroots campaign to sell his Cheese Hats and they became an instant hit.
  57. Foamation Inc in Wisconsin owns the Cheesehead trademark, and has since 1987.
  58. That Cheese Hat is not the only thing they produce; there are cheese coasters, cheese ties, cheese koozies, cheese bricks, and cheese frisbees.
  59. Only Green Bay and Cincinnati have both outdoor and indoor football teams.
  60. The average snowfall per year is 40.7 inches.
  61. The average high in January is 24 degrees.
  62. The average high in June is 77 degrees.
  63. Only one "Miss Wisconsin" has become Miss USA. Terry Ann Meeuwsen won the crown in 1973.
  64. The Green Bay Packers are favored to win the Super Bowl by three points. Go Pack Go!

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