A Super Bowl Without Cheerleaders? Hoo-Ray!


NFL CheeleaderThe 2011 Super Bowl has two classic teams -- the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers -- meeting in one legendary setting. But tradition will be broken in this Bowl, and it may or may not upset you.

There won't be any cheerleaders. No cheerleaders! (But question: Aren't they more like dance squads, anyway? I don't see them doing any stunts.) The Packers and the Steelers are two of six teams in the NFL that do not have shiny, glittery, extremely fit women on their sidelines cheering them on.

"But, but, the pom poms!" you say. "The tradition! It's Dallas, for crying out loud, home of the most famous cheerleading squad in the world, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and there's just going to be ... no one cheering?"

Hmm, I have a feeling we'll all be OK without the professionals, don't you?

Listen, I understand the appeal of cheerleaders and don't necessarily think the ... sport? ... is a bad one. For girls growing up who don't like contact sports but still want to be involved in school or community athletics, cheer and dance are great options. And they need someone to look up to.

But on the other hand, cheerleaders are objectified more than other female athletes and there's been plenty of controversy over uniforms and discrimination. Heck, there was even a murder when a Texas mom hired a hit man to kill the mother of her daughter's cheering competition.

Maybe NFL cheerleaders are becoming something of the past, maybe a little outdated. Maybe we won't miss the bare midriffs and heavy makeup. Maybe we've evolved past it.

But then, there's still the Lingerie Bowl, which will be aired on pay-per-view at halftime. So, then again, maybe not.

Will you miss the cheerleaders at Super Bowl 2011?

Photo via Nolan O'Brien/Flickr

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idaspida idaspida

Actually the Texas Cheerleading Murdering Mom was caught before it was done. I watched the tv movie on it. I knew someday hanging out with my Mom and watching tv would work out...

Javi0... Javi05Eli07

The Packers use the cheerleaders from the local high school to cheer at their home games.  They do not dress like the professional cheerleaders, instead they wear outfits like high school and college teams wear.

Linda Stout Gulley

No. I will not miss the trash on the sidelines. They stopped being athletes and became emaciated tramps.

Just2... Just2busymom

I think they're just there for guys to ogle.  That's it.  They serve NO other purpose. 

Stephanie Cramer

Actually, the Packers use the UW Green Bay cheerleaders/dance team.

Steve DeDecker

The Green Bay Packers use cheerleaders from two Green Bay-area colleges, St. Norbert College and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. They are not "dancers" like most of the NFL cheerleaders. They do stunts (difficult ones) and they perform at all Packer home games. It would be unfortunate if they are not included in the biggest game of the season.

Anast... Anastazia975

I don't think the cheerleaders are emaciated tramps, but, I am disappointed that the young men and women that cheered so hard for the packers, do not get to be a part of this big game. I think it's a damn shame. I have worked with one or two of them, and they are very bright, talented people.

nonmember avatar R.Sullivan

I am offended by some of the comments and the article itself. Cheerleading is a sport and it takes skill and years of training in order to be a good one. Perhaps you should do a touch more research on what it takes to be a cheerleader and the time they devote to practice and the games before you write your next article.

nonmember avatar Christina

I agree that cheerleading is a sport having been a high school cheerleader myself, but the NFL cheerleaders are dance teams and should be called as such. That being said these girls go thru years of dance training and are very accomplished dancers, not strippers or trash! Watch Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Making The Squad, to see just what these women go thru in training to make the squad.

eema.... eema.gray

Well, technically, the Packers DO have cheerleaders - only their cheerleaders are the cheerleading squad from UW-Green Bay.  Therefore, the squad never travels with the Packers.  Ever.  The two Super Bowl appearances in the 90's?  Nope, no cheerleaders then either.  :-)

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