Keith Olbermann Fired: Is He Headed to CNN?


Keith OlbermannLast night Anderson Cooper spent, at least, the first seven minutes of his show on the fact that Keith Olbermann was fired ... I mean quit ... I mean ... that he was leaving MSNBC. I know, you must be as shocked as I am. Who knew his relationship with MSNBC would end so quickly? After all, it seems like they got along so well over the last four years.

Oh now ... come on! You have to have been living in a cave to think this would have ended any differently than it did last night. Why the big surprise? And really, who cares about the reasoning and the deal. All I wanted to know ... as I watched Anderson last night ... was: when is he going to announce he's headed to CNN? I was almost waiting for Anderson to spit out an on-air job offer.

"Please Keith, come to us at CNN. We have the space, and everyone knows, we desperately need your ratings! There is only so much Piers Morgan and I can do!"

It really is a no-brainer.

MSNBC is no longer an option, and clearly Fox News and Keith want no part of each other, and I am pretty sure TBS isn't going to rescue him, as they did Conan. A CNN and Keith marriage makes perfect sense. Where else is there for him to go? CNN must be his next spot, don't you think?

Looking at the CNN evening line-up it seems he could easily push out Parker/Spitzer for that 8 p.m. slot. I mean listen, business is business and the numbers are the numbers and the reality is that Olbermann's numbers blow out every single one of CNN's shows. Even Keith's 11pm re-air beats their prime-time line-up.

Regardless of whether you like Keith or not, regardless of whether he is an easy person to work with or not, he will anchor again — because he's got what it takes to bring in the viewers.

Here is his good-bye from last night:


Do you think he's heading to CNN?


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Marilyn Griggs

I hope he goes to CNN! Love him!

Pat Rodenhouse

Fox would like the "fair & balanced" maybe a good fit

nonmember avatar renton

He worked at CNN before and burned a lot of bridges there. No way Rupert Murdoch will EVER hire him.

momof... momof3inTN

I'd love for him to go to CNN. They need him.

bills... billsfan1104

He has burned a lot of people. I am waiting to see people come out of the woodwork about how nasty he is to work with. He said he left because the job got to be too much? I guess it takes a lot of energy to be that angry all the time.

maine... mainemusicmaker

Rupert Murdoch is a freakin' disease to this country's News associations....why on earth would any company allow foreigners (and foreign soverign nations...who happen to be Murdoch's silent partners) OWN the media they watch?  Comcast bought MSNBC, Murdoch owns Comcast.....Of COURSE Olberman would get fired...things keep going the way they're going, we'll have nothing but the same drivel spewed on Fox as news media.  Pitiful.

Patricia Ann Poarch

I heard he has a clause in his contract where he can't go to other networks for a long period of time

might be true as he had 3 years left on his contract

bills... billsfan1104

Patricia I heard that too. I am more shocked that he basically ended his show within a day.

berge... bergencounty

Isn't he going to replace REGIS?

AMom29 AMom29

It won't be to CNN or MSNBC, certainly not Faux Noise.

You can't tell me that the other blowhards on TV have sunshine and roses relationships with their bosses.  Crapcast wants to go more conservative -- I hope it bites them in the keyster.

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