Octomom Nadya Suleman & Her Fetish Porn Video Skeeve Me Out

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
Oh, good gawd. She's at it again. 

First there was the 'boo-hoo, I had a litter of 14 kids irresponsibly so help me Suze Orman before I lose my house" Oprah episode

Then there came the good ol' 'boo-hoo I spent it all on plastic surgery (even though I deny, deny, deny it) and kids I couldn't afford' Nadya Suleman who insists she would never do a reality show with her kids.

You know! A girl's got to have high standards ...

Now? Now, it turns out the girl is hustling for work.

Hustling being the operative word. It's been reported that she will star in a soft porn/fetish film where she whips and nurses a full grown (and rather hairy) adult man in a diaper in her house.

Yes, infantilism! Yes, the house where her 14 children live. 

Yes, a girl has got to have standards.

Let's just hope she got a sitter ...


Newsy reports that Nadya Suleman’s new Vivid Entertainment fetish film will help the fertile mom make the mortgage. TMZ has photo evidence of the man playing on possibly the same toys with which her kids play. It's been reported that for a real porn movie, she's been offered a $450,000 pay-out to fully pay off her mortgage.

A part of me says she's sick. Another part of me pities her financial dilemma, but she's made her bed. Another says she should change those standards of hers and just pull a Kate Plus Eight. Regardless, all of me is glad she's not making us taxpayers pay more.

Don't you think years from now her kids will better forgive their years being chronicled like zoo animals rather than find out their mother demeaned herself by spending her days in a bustier, whipping grown men in diapers on their rocking horse? Gross.

So two camps: One happy that she's not a parasite on the welfare system and one that  thinks this woman continues to explore new depths of low. What camp are you?

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