Super-Sized Starbucks: Meet the Trenta


Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
It's January. A new year has commenced. The world is resolute. Almost everyone I know is on a diet. I myself have been struggling with an entire lifestyle change.

My jaunt through the mall today confirms this with stores showcasing workout clothes, running shoes, and active lifestyles.

So what does Starbucks do? 

It super-sized their drinks.

Let me introduce you to the trenta. Thirty-one ounces of caffeinated goodness sure to keep you buzzing. Yes, a full seven ounces bigger than the Venti. ONE OUNCE shy of a QUART! It's rolling out to 14 states now (all the warm states) and will be nationwide in May. Sigh. (Even in Starbucks land, we Washingtonians will need to wait.)

Yes, a Starbucks BIG GULP. For just 50 cents more than a Venti. The same pitch you hear at the movie theaters or McDonalds. It's hard to resist.

There goes those resolutions, eh? Well not so fast ...

Before you lament what has happened to moderation? Screaming there goes portion control?


Before we call the food police: It only comes in iced tea, iced coffee, and iced tea lemonade. Less than 90 calories undoctored. A minuscule amount of calories unless you, yes you, the consumer, add sugar and milk. Fully sugared and creamed, it comes in at 230 calories.

Yes, that's a lot of calories for the average dieter, but in the overall scheme of things, I doubt it breaks the bank.

I mean it's nothing like the Venti blended Mocha Frappuccino at 346 calories or the 500-calorie raspberry scone. What about the astounding 570 calories for the Venti whole milk White Hot Chocolate?

Ouch. How many miles to walk that off? It's about an hour and a half of huffing or 5 miles for the average-size woman. With this ice tea and a packet of equal? You burn it off walking to the car. Even with the ice coffee and cream sugar adding calories?

With all that caffeine, it should be a piece of cake to burn it off. Or should I say a piece of scone? Heh! 

Honestly, buy the trenta, ask for another cup, and split it with a friend. Have I mentioned I'm on a budget diet too?! What a bargain!

Then there's the sheer volume with which to contend: According to the Huffington Post, the average stomach holds 900 ml whereas this drink? Yes, 916 ml. 

My bladder just gasped.

Funny enough? The trenta is in response to customer surveys and employee suggestions. So, according to Starbucks, it's an ask and you shall receive market. The company may be on to something. I have to admit on hot sunny days, I often purchase refills of my beloved shaken black ice tea. 

I contend this in not such a horrible, the-world-is-ending-because-we-Americans-cannot-control-our-effing-appetites idea. Others in the media are not so kind:


So will you be ordering up a TRENTA anytime soon? Is it out of control portion control or good value in tough economic time?

Images via Scouts Honor and by mattbeckwith/Flickr

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sodapple sodapple

i heard this on the news and i haven't gone to starbucks enough to be a fan of them but the way the reporter in my city said that it was .50 cents more sounded like a great idea. in my opinion, they are going nuts.

Sara Hodder

I like your idea of buying one and splitting it. Much better deal! But really, it would be silly to provide it in hot beverages because even a Venti gets cold faster than you can drink it. Personally, I can't do more than 12 oz anyway. So no, I will not be buying a Trenta any time soon.

FranMag FranMag

I'd probably buy it to split with my husband. Honestly, the Venti Iced Tea Lemonade goes down quickly on a hot summer day here. :-)

Dumblond Dumblond

Maybe in the summer...but I hardly ever order venti because of the size. If I were to order a Trenta, even on the hottest of days, I would most likely be nursing that thing all day.

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