East Coast Blizzard: How Bad Is It?


Boston weather conditions were clear Sunday morning, but both the Philadelphia airport and JFK airport were already dealing with cancellations due to the major blizzard expected to wallop the region later in the day. Starting around noon in Boston and earlier elsewhere, the snow was expected to start falling, creating blizzard conditions with winds up to 65 MPH expected and up to 20 inches in some parts. 

The Midwest has already been hit with snowstorms earlier this season, but this will be the first major snowstorm of the season for the East Coast.

Here are some of the totals expected across the Northeast:

New York City: 11-16" of snow was expected by the end of the storm, according to the New York Times.

Airlines grounded hundreds of flights Sunday along the Northeast corridor in anticipation of the storm, affecting major airports including New York’s JFK and Newark. Airlines said more cancellations were likely as the storm progressed.

Boston: Boston was under a blizzard warning, parking bans were in effect and people were urged to stay home. 20" were expected in some areas.

National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham said sustained winds of 35 miles per hour are likely to make visibility so limited that people should stay home if at all possible. The warning applies to all of Massachusetts east of Worcester, except for Cape Cod.

Philadelphia: Philly was expecting around a foot of snow by the time all is said and done.

Hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed Saturday, especially in hard-hit Southern states, and airlines were warning of additional cancellations Sunday.

The storm had already affected parts of the South where car accidents were piling up in the South and the Tennessee road conditions were not good, but the major brunt of the storm was expected in the Northeast.

Batten down the hatches! It is bound to be a grounded couple of days for those of us in the Northeast.

What are you doing to prepare?


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sodapple sodapple

we have lots of food =-)

ibebr... ibebreezy

the usual lol we're pretty used to this on the seacoast of nh but it's been a couple years since we had a real bad blizzard as much as i hate snow i'm kinda excited! except for my husbands drive to work tomorrow morning with 50mph winds and visibility forcasted at less than 10 ft. that i am terrified about.

Cassi... Cassidysmom611

I love snow except when my husband has to drive to work! He has to work at 7AM in the monrning and they are already telling people to stay off the roads, I am praying that his boss calls and tells him not to come in (wishful thinking I know), his ride is an hour in good weather, so God only knows how long it will take him tomorow.

ZsMommy ZsMommy

Oh I'm so glad we're in the Southeast now-lived in the Northeast for the majority of my life about an hour and a half north of Philadelphia.

The BIG storm-yeah-snowed here starting on Christmas day(was told it was probably 30 years from the last time it snowed on Christmas by a local gentleman)-didn't start to stick til bout 5pm (ish)-Woke up to all the trees heavy laden with snow and about 4" on the ground-Back in PA 4" is nothing...in NC-OMGOSH-AAAAACCCKKKK (sarcasm)-The roads were clear by noon and the had started to blow off the trees and melt.

Temps have dropped here but nothing like back in PA-nope-The NE can keep all that cold n snow-I'm liking this day or two of snow-looks pretty-then gone type of winters.

gypsy... gypsysmiles

I bought new boots, three cases of water, and... hot chocolate. Got my priorities straight!

Have about 10 inches here where I'm at in MA, but that is a rough guesstimate, I'm not opening the door again! The wind is whipping hard, and the satellite tv is out (not a surprise).

jlh3891 jlh3891

i live in MN. we are used to the snow and loooong winters:) have fun with the snow and good luck! stay warm!!

Saras... Sarasahmof3

I live in Dover, Delaware, we usually don't get this much so early. It is not to bad out. Give it a day and things will be back to normal. It is nothing like the Blizzards we got at the beginning of the year.

clean... cleanaturalady

I am in Texas, so we aren't expecting anything, of course.

Everyone stay snug and warm in your homes up there. 

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