Scorned Bride Dominique Buttitta & Her Groom's Costly Cold Feet


Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
I cannot imagine spending $100,000 on a wedding. I cannot imagine then being left at the altar. Consider me the lucky one. Dominique Buttitta, a suburban Chicago attorney, was not so fortunate. 

Double dose of unlucky.

Not one to take it lying down, Ms. Buttitta may not have her ex-fiancee, who dumped her a mere four days before the ceremony, but she plans to get every last penny back.

Yes, that's right. She is suing her ex-fiance for emotional distress.

As Ms. Buttitta wrote in the letter notifying Salerno of the lawsuit:

It was agreed by you and me that the marriage ceremony was to be performed on October 2, 2010. I was on that date, ready and willing to marry you. Further, please be advised that I am not still willing to marry you.

Yep, a breach of contract is her strategy. I am sure there are millions of jilted brides around the country (and their parents' empty wallets) shouting a rousing huzzah!

Yep, she is kicking ass, taking wallets, and setting precedents. On the topic of precedents, this won't be the first time a jilted bride gets her revenge:

Good for you, Dominique Buttitta. Good for you. Breaking it off was his decision, but leaving you with the bill is just plain wrong.

I don't call this sour grapes. I call this natural consequences. This is a lesson her ex-fiancee should have learned in the third grade. Do the right thing, or perhaps someone -- in this case, a court of law -- may do it for you.

As for Dominique Buttitta, let's hope she realizes she was lucky to have escaped such a man ... and perhaps might be bit more thrifty when she plans her next wedding.

How much was your wedding? Weddings gets more and more expensive every year. Would you ask for repayment if you or your child was left at the altar?

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nonmember avatar Happily married

Squish - she didn't receive that amount. She is suing him for the money but the case is likely far from settled.

Unfortunately the side presented here is hers alone. A few of the articles in the Chicago paper have his reasons for calling off the wedding. Before automatically crying "he's a rat" it may be better to ask what events led up to him leaving. If his story is true, I have a lot more sympathy for him than her.

nonmember avatar adam

Any of you all have the intimate familiarity with the parties involved? The kind of familiarity that would lend a shred of credibility to your broad and sweeping presumptions? It's a contracts case. When you ask someone to marry you you enter into a contract with them. A contract that, invariably, leads to some associated costs. When you break that contract- you incur some of those costs. Now, a 100k wedding may be a frivolously expensive wedding for you all, but expensive is a relative term. Any of you all know whether Ms. Buttitta is personally wealthy? Is a 100k wedding irregular for the town, and associated culture she was reared in? Was her fiance from a similar background? Were you similarly upset at Nicole Ritchie's 3 million dollar wedding? Just sayin' for some folks, 100k is what a wedding costs. For some folks, when you make an agreement you follow through. For some folks, when you don't follow through you get sued.

Baley Whary

The fact that he knew he didn't want to go through with the marriage months in advance yet waited to tell her until 4 days before is the reason he should pay. This isn't a case of last-minute cold feet; this is deception leading to an outrageous expenditure. (And yes, that's too much money spent on the wedding, but that's beside the point.)

nonmember avatar Alissa

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