Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee: Who Gets Your Vote?


julie marsh
Julie Marsh
Supporters of Sarah Palin seem to view her as the second coming of Christ, and given her self-appointed code name of "North Star," it seems that she agrees with them. Speculation on a 2012 presidential run by Palin almost sounds as if her candidacy is divinely ordained.

Next thing we know, she'll tell us she was born in a barn because all the hospital beds were occupied.

Not so fast, cautions Politics Daily. Mike Huckabee could pose fierce competition for Sarah Palin, even among those Republicans who, inexplicably, think she's a well-qualified candidate.

Ever play that game on long road trips where you have to choose between two seemingly equally horrible scenarios, like giving a 20-minute speech in front of your high school graduating class while naked or subsisting entirely on bugs for a month? That's how I view a choice between Palin and Huckabee. I'll take what's behind door number three, thanks.

No, really? I have to choose? Then it's got to be Huckabee. (How's that for a campaign slogan? It's got to be Huckabee. Copyrighting that now.)

He's as socially conservative as she is, or perhaps even more so given his ministry. He's a FOX News commentator like she is. He drops his g's occasionally, though less often than she does. But who's more qualified? Hands down, Mike Huckabee. Furthermore, who would I rather have representing our country in the world? Huckabee.

I'm admittedly impressed by Politics Daily's recap of how, as Arkansas governor, "Huckabee faced a legislature with 89 Democrats out of 100 legislators in the House and only four Republicans in the 35-seat Senate. Yet, Huckabee found a way to govern." Palin knows how to govern people who agree with her. Governing those who may not march in lockstep requires more finesse.

With the advent of the Tea Party, plus the ostracizing and name-calling within the Republican party, a successful GOP candidate will have to bridge those gaps, as well as work with Democrats. Huckabee demonstrated he could do that at the state level. Palin isn't interested in working with anyone who doesn't agree with her, and her governing style at a national level would appear to be more dictatorial than consensus-building.

Huckabee's personable and has the same sort of beer-drinking, pretzel-munching, football-watching appeal that George W. Bush did, but he's far more well-spoken than the former president. Palin attempts to cultivate that ability to connect with people, but hers is a caricature of Huckabee's, and it arouses suspicion. Those who love her are convinced they know her, but the rest of us aren't so sure.

Play along with me (Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, even you commie pinkos -- everyone's welcome): Naked speech, or bugs for lunch? Huckabee or Palin?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

OMG, it's like asking if I want a lobotomy or to be beaten with a lead pipe.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Given the choice, I'd take either one of them over Barack "Here, Clinton, you do this press conference. I'm late for a party with my wife" Obama.

nonmember avatar Jack

Mike Huckabee, definitely. I think he would make an outstanding President.

nonmember avatar TexasConservati

Hands down I would take Huckabee in a nanosecond. Huckabee has 10 1/2 years of managing a microcosm of the federal government. During the Katrina crises when evacuees where flooding into Arkansas, Huckabee moved quickly to find everyone a bed and a hot meal. He used the summer camp cabins that had just been vacated. He worried about all the red tape later as his primary concern was about the people. He improved education and roads in his state. Huckabee would be a servant of the people.

nonmember avatar VFT

Mike Huckabee would be the best Republican candidate against Obama. He has either won or come in a close second in all the polls for the last 18 months. To win those polls, he had to also win Independents and Moderates.

Agent... AgentBrez

im very conservative but would not want either of these on the ballot in 2012.

nonmember avatar Chadballer

It's gotta be Huckabee

Darln... DarlnClementine

 I don't really like Mike Huckabee, but there is no way at all that I would ever vote for Sarah Palin. We don't have a single friend who would vote for her or who thinks she's qualified, either. Conservative women of my MIL's generation roll their eyes whenever she's mentioned. 

She quit her job as governor. Her supporters say that she "had" to, because it was going to cost her money to fight ethics lawsuits, but she had been governor for two years and was well aware of what the law in Alaska said. 


The fact that she wanted out of her promise to Alaska to become Vice President, and when that failed, supposedly couldn't see any solution to her problem except to quit and become famous and rich instead of serving the people she'd promised to is very telling to me. She is loyal to herself and not to the people she is supposed to serve. 

The way she's pushed her kids and family out there on various TV shows is simply sickening, too. Apparently no one in her family believes in taking care of their own children. She has a special needs son and yet is always on the TV making speeches in the lower 48. Her daughter went on DWTS, leaving her son; her only claim to fame was getting pregnant and not marrying the dad. She hasn't actually done anything noteworthy. Great example for teens (not). 

Huckabee is definitely not my pick - I sort of like Haley Barbour right now  - but Palin is a "no way/no how/never". 

nonmember avatar Anon Y Mous

I would NEVER vote for Huckabee. Would sit out the election if he is the Republican nominee even if it means Obama getting re-elected. He is as bad or worse choice than McCain IMO.

nonmember avatar Linda

Governor Huckabee 1000 times over Sarah Palin. She is not even in the "ball park" with Huck.

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